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“Lots of fields!”

Be sure to buy extra fields when you can and get them planted. The more planted fields you have, the more vegetables you will get during the Harvests each round. More vegetables means that you can satisfy more customers without having to do so much work with Market Stalls, or buying veg from the shop, etc.

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“Two Pack cost correction”

Alas, David has got the rule wrong about the cost of a Two Pack. A Two Pack costs the maximum of your number of Helpers and your number of Market Stalls.
So if you have 2 Market Stalls and 1 Helper a Two Pack will cost you 2 Cash.
If you have 2 Market Stalls and 2 Helpers it will still cost you 2 Cash.

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“Always get a Two Pack”

Cards are the life of this game so getting two extra cards every round can make a huge difference in what you have to work with. Just make sure your Market stall and helper cards are equal so they don’t cost anything.

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