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“Terrible tokens hidden”

When playing my first game I’ve made a mistake and put the Terrible Thing Token face down. We have playded 2 games like that. After re-reading the rules these I found that these tokens should be placed face up so we tried a couple more games this way

Conclusion: we prefer to play with the Terrible Thing Token face down so you never know what you will get if you fail an encounter.

Also, it removes the “Its OK to try beating a big encounter in the beginning of the game since I will get a 0 Terrible Thing Token if I fail”.

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“Resources Trump Secrets in the Early Game”

One thing I’ve seen is that people are consistently focused on collecting the Ancient Secrets early. It’s often better to spend your dice on the scenario card, to collect a pool of resources that will aid in getting the later, higher value secrets.

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“Hidden encounters”

Although, it is definitely increasing the luck factor (of already very luck based game), we found that it also increases the thematic tension of not knowing what to expect, when encounters are put face down on locations.

Put random 6 tokens on locations, instead of those shown on cards.

As for the ability of Yawning Chasm (which I already found to be overpowered), you reveal chosen encounter from any location, and buy if you can (you need to buy, if you have enough purple tokens; or not, it’s a house rule, after all xD)

This, combined with “Lone Token’s” house rule of hiding terrible tokens, really powers up immersion and tension.

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