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“5-6 Player variant”

Now this is pretty simple way of playing the game with 5 players.
Game comes with 4 Main Reactors and 2 Vak Main Reactors, one player selects Vak as his/hers race or one of the Vak reactors is counted as normal Main Reactor.

Set up the game in normal fashion, but instead of 4 game years/era you play 3 years/era. This reduces the game time somewhat, but still makes the game interesting. Evidently you’re going to need some marker for scoreboard to keep track of 5th player.

What comes to 6 Player variant, you simply need to forget some rules. Instead of removing 20 special location cards from deck, leave them in the deck (I always leave them in regardless, it doesn’t break the game). Then you simply follow the example on 5 player variant.

You’re going to need additional credit tokens for 6 player game, but you make do. Also Power Reactors become luxury, this might hamper the game a lot. Power cubes should be enough, unless you have multiple hoarders playing the game. Again make do.

I have never played the 6 player variant, but mathematically it should viable. Cards in game 116 (72 Basic, 44 Special), 90 cards needed in 5 player game (6*5*3 = 90) and 108 cards needed in 6 player game (6*6*3 = 108).

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“The benefit of end-of-game points”

Cards with text in a yellow box don’t usually give you a pile of points off the top, but they can certainly add up at the end of the game. Just be sure you meet the point conditions to maximize your score.

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