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“Get in it to win it!”

Perception is key in Airlines Europe; if you clearly dominate a single stock your opponents will either ride your coattails or let you do all the work on your own. Make sure you have at least some influence in each stock but not enough to challenge their lead unless you can take it decisively, then let your opponents do the heavy lifting of raising the dividends. Only place single airplanes to get stocks in hand and make sure anything you place raises the payouts a step.

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“Air Abacus”

I often find myself on the losing end of this game because even though I make sure to diversify my stock options (very important!), I always forget one major thing.
Get Air Abacus and get it early. Even if you only get one, you don’t want to miss out on those big points later on!

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“6 players option”

There is an official variant which allows for a 6th player.

1. Increase the number of shares in the stock market to 6
2. Reduce the number of starting shares per player to 6 instead of 8.

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“Spoiling route completion bonuses.”

If you are not investing in one of the smaller airlines with the bonus routes. Try investing in sending it off course. Obviously it is best if your misroutimg can use smaller value connections. Better to give away a few points as a spoiler to a bigger pay out.

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“Take multiple stocks from the lineup”

If you find that certain companies tend to be ignored and their stocks clog up the market, try this variant.

If a player places two airplanes on the board in one turn, that player can take all the stocks of a single company from the lineup. For example, all of the shares of Air Amigos. None of the cards can come from the top of the deck – they all must be from the visible lineup. The cards are also not replaced until the end of the turn, so a player cannot keep replacing cards and taking them if they are of the same company as initially chosen.

This house rule provides some incentive for taking stocks in high-stock-number-but-low-value airlines. The cards can be added to the portfolio in bulk, or can be easily traded for Air Abacus stock.

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