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“FLOOP early and often”

One way to take a huge lead is to flip over as many landscape tiles as possible. If your opponent can’t summon creatures because they do not have enough controlled landscape tiles, you can easily pick off their creatures and go right for the life points.

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“Jake Deck Tips”

Jake’s deck (cornfields) is a power deck. Creatures are easy to summon with high attack but lacking in health. Just keep summoning and don’t be afraid to replace injured creatures. If you’re playing against Finn’s Deck (Blue Plains), you’ll need to watch out for The Pig. It’ll flip your landscapes and make it hard to summon more creatures.

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“Finn Deck Tip”

Finn’s deck (Blue Plains) requires a little more strategy as the creatures aren’t as powerful as Jake’s. However they have some pretty interesting effects. If you play your cards right, you can do some decent combos. Look at how certain cards can be used in combination with one another. The Pig is a great tool as well against Jake’s deck (Cornfields) as flipping landscapes not only weakens his creatures, but do it enough and they won’t have enough controlled landscapes to summon anything!

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