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“Blue plains vs. cornfields: Drop some knowledge! ”

If you’ve read much about the Finn vs. Jake collector’s pack, you’ve probably read that the cornfields seem overpowered when compared to the blue plains. I found this to be true, especially when I first started playing. After a couple of games I wondered how the blue plains could ever pull off a victory against the corn hoard. I’ve been playing for about a week now: two 2-player games and well over a dozen solo. (I just had to figure out how to play the blue plains!) Right now, for wins, I’m about 60% cornfield, which is MUCH better than it was at the beginning.

The cornfields throws strong self-sufficient creatures at you (think mono white deck in Magic) while the blue plains is built on creatures that work together and are buffed by movement (green deck-ish). The best way I have found for blue plains to level the cornfield is through the Ancient Scholar and Schoolhouse. The extra action that you can gain through Ancient Scholar is invaluable against cornfields. If you don’t get it on the draw then take the mulligan. Do whatever it takes to get the scholar in your hand, on the table, and supported by a building. Once you do then you can floop for a random rainbow card and get a free action to fill holes that the cornfield creatures are probably punching in your defences. Don’t forget to play Schoolhouse though, because even if you lose a scholar you can floop Schoolhouse and a corresponding creature to get a random floopable creature’s (hopefully the Ancient Scholar‘s) effect!

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