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“Proper Deck Building”

If you are looking to delve into the deckbuilding aspects of this LCG, I strongly suggest you purchase two core sets. One core set alone lacks enough duplicates of strong cards to form good decks.

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“Want to play with 4?”

If you want to play with four players, you definitely need two Core sets. This will allow you to customize each and (most importantly) play with the Fate cards a bit.

I also recommend picking up the two big box expansions for House Martell and House Greyjoy, the Princes of the Sun and the Kings of the Sea. This will give you enough cards to have a full 60 card deck for each of the Houses, which makes it more interesting and gives you more options when playing.

As far as the monthly mini-expansions go, the first three I would advise anyone to pick up are Ancient Enemies, Sacred Bonds, and Refugees of War. They add a number of really fun cards for each of the decks.

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“Deck Building Tip”

I know when I first start up a new card game having some sort of guideline for how to build a deck helps me out a lot. This is what I have found for aGoT:

1/4: Characters that cost 2 or less
1/4: Characters that cost 3 or more
1/4: Income generating and cost reduction locations
1/4: Events and attachments

This is just a guideline, you just want to be in the ballpark on these.

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“Beware Valar Morghulis”

There is a plot card that kills all of the units in play. Since you can go through your plot deck and choose your plot each turn that means there is a way for an opponent punish you if you over commit units to the battlefield. You must play around this.

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“An important rule, but easy to miss”

Remember that if a challenge is undefended, the attacker gets a bonus power. This is a simple rule, and it’s easy to miss, but it is absolutely vital. Without it, many of the other rules don’t make much sense. (For instance, without this rule, in many cases, there is no point in defending or attacking unless you know you can win.)

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“House SmashUp”

I enjoy the books and the television adaptation and The Boy really likes his LCG’s, but I don’t have time to sift through cards and build a deck and pour molten gold on top of people’s heads while living a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Similar to the idea of the ‘Learn to Play’ pre-builds, we have devised a way to play a quick (if not legal) game with just the core set and without the preparation fuss.

We just divide the cards into House Decks and grab two and smash them together adding a split of 7/7 Neutral/Plot cards playing to 10 points.

It is quick way to play for play’s sake and a good way to see how different Houses work together if just learning.

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“Playing to 10 Power instead of 15 (for a quicker game) ”

This game has a tendency to stretch on for quite a while. When the wife and I don’t have the time to play a full proper game (First one to 15 power wins), we’ll lower the win requirement to just 10 power. This makes for a much more quick and dirty game since it forces you to play much more aggressively. The one drawback is that this often takes away the chance for a “late in the game turnaround” comeback. (Those who play this game a lot know it can be pretty easy to get to 10, trickier to get to 15). BUT, the trade off is we can crank through a round in 30 minutes instead of 2 hours!

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Don’t focus too much in any one attack type. Leaving yourself weak in one invites attacks and severely limits your options.

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