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I love Zombie games. Zombies have been gaining popularity in movies, tv shows, books, comics, and even board games and I am partially to blame. Maybe I secretly want to live in a Zombie apocalypse.

Anyway the game is setup with 9 reversible tiles, I would recommend a extra set of tiles to have 18 tiles all at once if desired. Also an extra set of zombie miniatures, because your going to need a lot more than the base game offers. The miniatures aren’t the best quality, I expected a little more from cool minis but they get the job done. The components are well made, nice sturdy box and pieces. Art work is great!

This is cooperative game so you work as a group to survive, the trick is to level up together, because if only one person is leveling up, the zombies come out faster and you have people fall behind. My favorite part of the game is the noise tokens, which make every action have consequences. If you shoot a gun zombies are going to pay attention and follow the noise. Also if you open a door with an axe, zombies will take notice.

I would recommend playing with a large group. I am not a fan of playing more than more character as the game suggests, so the more people you have, the better. For an added challenge, if you only have three people, only play three characters and see how for you get. Not very far would be my guess.

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the flaw with magic is really who ever has the biggest wallet wins, the digital version solves this problem, you are given a deck and must play with it. (step off soap box). I am using the ipad1 I dont have a problem using that ipad however it has crashed at the end of a game i was winning other than that this game is great. I loved it on xbox and with the ipad
its like you are playing at the table. in fact you can! i would recomend buying an ipad just to play this game, its games like this that the ipad was invented, I hope more board/card games follow suit!

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The game is very easy to figure out, draw numbers, play them on the board. Buy stocks. There you know all the rules!

But wait even though the rules are very simple the complexity comes with strategy, do you build a huge company and buy low and sell high, do you sell often? or never sell? Do you build lots of little companies? Sell, don’t sell, buy don’t buy? You have to be a financial wiz to know sometimes.

I like to change up the way I play, because I have yet to master this game and I don’t get it.

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Don’t get me wrong I do like this game. It has many ways to succeed and also many ways to fail.

The way the game is set up dosen’t give much room for many options. You are trying to get at least one of each category so you don’t have to subtract points at the end. As many times as I’ve played you really only have time to get one of each thing. Players that try to have a farm of only animals or only crops never win. Sure they get a huge amount of points but they have to subtract so many that it’s not worth it to build up one area. Really the only way is to get a little bit in each area.

The strategy comes in with out-witting your opponents by getting the right things at the right time.

The instructions are hard to figure out, and now the most unhelpful thing I can say, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

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Power Grid

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This game is one of my favorites. It has all the components of a game that I like. Competitive, bidding wars, building and upgrading. It’s not really empire building, but it has that feel. You are building a company and expanding. Good replay value.

It helps that I am good at this game and can actually beat my friends.

Catan meets the 19th century! You need to collect resources to power your power plants. The more power plants you have, the more money you have to buy resources. It is a little repetitive but you want to repeat it because its fun.

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I bought this second edition of this game in hopes of better rules and maybe some new stuff however I was greatly disappointed.

The quality of the game board was lacking and the pieces bent making them impossible to stack and no new rooms were included, the rules did not improve either, they added a few new hauntings but they also got rid of some, so they more or less just changed a few.

I quickly sold this game and now I only have the first edition, it has some flaws but I will take them over the flaws of the new edition. This is still one of my favorite games, very good replay value!

The game has never been the same twice. 50 different hauntings and I haven’t played them all yet. Even if the same haunting comes up that you have already done the house is completely different and a different person in the reveler.

If you can get this game do!!! I dosen’t matter the cost, GET THE FIRST EDITION!!!

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I like the game, I like the bidding wars to gain special abilities.

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