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12 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

This game has a great premise: a race of Middle-earth heroes vs. Sauron. I love the idea, and the components are amazing. But, this game falls victim to the same problem as many FFG big box games: too many different mechanics going on, and none of them quite blending well together. It feel like too many disjointed rules never quite fit; there are too many token and too many phases, and sub-phases. This is the same problem I have with Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness, Android, and a half dozen other FFG games. Some people love this style; multi-taskers and the like. To me, the game is too much like work, and less like fun. The other drawback is set-up time. Usually everyone has lost interest before we even start.

Again, I love the idea and the components, but it feels less like a free-flowing game, and more like a clumsy sum of it’s parts.

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87 out of 130 gamers thought this was helpful

This is my favorite 2-player game after Memoir 44. The beauty of it is the fact that each side playes by completely different mechanics, yet the game is still balanced. This is an amazing accomplishment. I would give the game a 10 except for 2 points: there are only a handfull of scenarios included (we haven’t grown tired of them yet, but we might someday); and the images and theme are a little dark. The latter complaint may not be a big deal for most gamers, but I usually play with my kids, so I usually only get to play this when friends come over. And I do wish I could play iy more, because it is a great game.

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15 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is hands down my family’s favorite. It’s the game that got us into the hobby. I have loved this game since the GW 1st edition back in the 80s. FFG have done a wonderful job with the current edition. HOWEVER, I have added so many house rules over the years, that I’m not even sure how the base game is played anymore. If you do not fudge the rules a little, this game will grow too long, and become tiring. This is common among adventure games in general. We’ve played it so much, it flows very fast. We have played Prophesy, Runebound, Return of the Heroes, and this; and Talisman is the only one still in our closet. This game is a a genre-defining icon. A classic. The Monopoly of the adventure genre.

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Ticket to Ride

28 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

This is what I consider a great gateway game for people who shy away from SF or fantasy. This game is simple and streamlined, and has great components. It’s a gamer’s game, but still available at Target. If you want to get someone their first game beyond in the hobby, I’d choose this over Settler of Catan. I enjoy it with my friends, my kids, and have even played with people in Japan and China.

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Memoir '44

60 out of 97 gamers thought this was helpful

I’ve played most of the C&C games. I’ve owned this and Battlelore, and got rid of BL. This is the best. Set up is quick, easy to learn, plays in an hour, great mix of strategy and luck. Perfect game for ages 10 to 100.

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