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It’s a great game for those who like to do something without a lot of prep work and who like to think outside the box with a lot of things. House rules are great and encouraged, and there’s never a penalty for not knowing something since you can always pick another card. Pulling this out while waiting for dinner to cook (or let’s be honest – the pizza to show up) and arguing over whether Jason with Laser eyes and a unicycle for legs beats Doc Oc with chainsaw hands and an army of poodles is… I don’t know. It’s something else. It’s bizarre. But it’s something that you don’t really know you want to do until you’re in the middle of doing it and suddenly you really wish that he had the rocket skates because Jason can get away faster from the poodles than you thought.

There’s definitely an edge from people who were rules lawyers in their D&D groups, or actual lawyers in real life, or teachers probably. But you really do hone debate skills and learn how to think of things from other perspectives. We’ve gotten a couple expansions from nerd things and loot crate so adding things like locations (In a volcano! Falling through the void! Inside the Tarrasque! On the moon!) gives you more things to argue from since poodles need oxygen on the moon and laser eyes if you miss will definitely probably puncture the stomach of a Tarrasque and things like that. Fun game. Much discussion. So argument. Wow.

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There really isn’t anything more easy to learn, nor more easy to set up for a fun night with friends. It has a little something for everyone – especially if you enjoy puns – and is very expansion friendly. Not to mention drinking game friendly, for those who are over 21 and so inclined. Easy to use, easy to laugh at, and very fun to play, definitely a good game to invest in. While it is lacking on versatility, I believe they made up for this in the expansions and they’re inexpensive enough to pick up a few to add to your gaming collections.

All in all definitely my favorite “Hey, do you guys want to come over tonight?” game that requires little planning ahead of time and maximizes in the fun department. Not for the overly sore-loser ish though, as you can get knocked out of first place by your friends and no one likes a tantrum.

Easy to learn, and easy to teach, no matter what your level of playing has been, so it’s very newbie friendly and good for all types. Could be a good gateway game for those who might want to get their friends into Dungeons and Dragons types of games as well, or for anyone who likes a good tongue in cheek or pun fulled game for a while. Our games have lasted maybe about 45 minutes to an hour, and we’ve always been up for another round, even if it wasn’t a grudge match brought up by the losers. All in all, always a good time no matter who won.

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