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Each player takes on the role of a superhero and they work together to defeat a supervillian before hsi or her evil plan succeeds. Working together the players use their powers to defeat the villian’s minion and attack the villain directly. Each hero plays very differently as they each have their own unique deck of cards, just as each villian, and environment in which the heroes face off against the villian, is different. This lends the game great replayability. While you will not have heard of these heroes and villians before you play this game (they are not licensed from a comic book company) they do feel like heroes and villians you would have read about in comic books as the game does a great job capturing the feel of a superhero comic book world.

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Unfortunately, Zombie outbreak is not one of the possible diseases that players are challenged to stop from spreading across the world in this co-operative game. Players each take the role of a member of the team fighting to save the world from the spread of disease. Each player, depending on their role, has a special ability they can use to help them combat the outbreaks. Working as a team players with try to eradicate diseases before they spread across the planet. Great game for kids to learn about the spread of disease and for adults to play a modern boardgame with a theme they might actually care about. The presentation of the board and cards is nothing spectacular, but they get the job done. (And a new version is coming soon that is going to ramp up the artwork). Our gaming group has had lots of fun with this one.

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