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8 out of 12 gamers thought this was helpful

This expansion offers a few interesting additions to the main game.

To start with the Currency exhange adds that your hand doesn’t get saturated with currency cards of any one type the only downside is that in a +3 game there really are too few of them to go around. But overal this part of the expansion has become a must have even in a standard game. 9/10

The bonus huts are also a nice addition because it gives the more clever puzzelers the chance to steal points away in a grand fashion another plus point is the ability to provide free wall points. 7/10

The building bonuscards is something that gets interesting when you play with +3 players because then it creates an atmosphere of competition. 6/10

Last but not least the sequence jumping vizier is a must play in a 3+ game. IMHO in a 2 player game it gets pretty obvious what you’re about to do, but with more players you have to keep an eye on every player.
In general 2 of the 4 expansions could really be used in any game the other two don’t satisfy that much but can give an edge to any game.

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