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Black Stories: 50 Creepy Mysteries - Board Game Box Shot

Black Stories: 50 Creepy Mysteries

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50 black stories, 31 crimes, 49 corpses, 11 murders, 12 suicides and one deadly meal. How could that have happened?

Black Stories are fiddly, morbid and mysterious riddles for teenagers and adults. The players try to reconstruct the crime by asking, guessing and fiddling about. A spooky card game just right for any party.

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“Good one for detectives!!!”

If you love think logicaly like if you are a detective, this is your game!
In the game you will find a lot of different stories, 51 black different stories.
To play you need 2 people, one to reed and one (or more) to try to discover what happened in that story!!
The questions you can do are only the “yes” or “no” ones, and the person who reeds have to awnser. This person can say that that question is not relevant too.
Play it! It’s a good game to have fun when you take a walk with people or when you go to a picnic!


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