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Citadels is a simple card game in which midevil Lords are trying to build the grandest city before their rivals can.

First thing is to separate and shuffle the district and character cards and creat a deck for each. After this each player is delt four district cards and two gold from the bank, then a number of cards are removed from the deck based on the number of players. The crown then goes to the oldest player who secretly takes his pick from the remaining cards in the charecter deck, he then pases the deck to the player on his left who then chooses a character, this continues until all players have a character card. The names of the characters are then called out in assending order from Assassin to Warlock, when your card character is called you take your turn.
On your turn you will either draw cards from the district deck or take two cold from the bank and use your characters power and build possibly build a district. Once a player has built eight districts the round finishes and at the end the player with the highest gold value of cards in his city wins.
So that was a really boring and terrible description of the game.
The real fun is the player interaction. Never knowing exactly which character each character drew and cause some real tense moments. But Ceitadels isn’t all about tension and trickery , the joy comes from the fact that with such simple game mechanics most anyone can play and have a good time. Listening to my friends of all experience levels engaging each other and truly enjoying the game made me very proud to have added this game to my collection.

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Zombie Dice

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This is a fun quick game to play. Roll 3 dice, keep your brains, re-roll runners and stop before you get 3 shotgun blasts or you lose everything from that turn. Once a player reaches 13 brains each other player gets one more round, after that the player with the highest total wins!

I recently brought this game with me on a camping trip and it was a big hit with everyone. Even small children can play and understand because the rules are so simple. I recommend this game for everyone!

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