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Capes and Villains - Board Game Box Shot

Capes and Villains

| Release Date: TBD
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Capes and Villains is a card and dice driven game for 1-5 players that pits super heroes and villains in a quick and frantic battle to see who can whittle the others' health down to zero the quickest. The dice act as energy bursts used to fortify your moves while the cards rapidly execute Attacks, Defense, and Special Moves. Each individual character has their own Character Abilities, Tactics, Basic Attacks/Defense and Super moves to change the flow of the game as well.

An Alternate gameplay scenario includes multiple players going up against one or two Super Villains. ""Overpower"" dice are added to expand on special abilities of a character's Super Villain persona (located on the back of each Character Card) to turn them into a super villain caliber. Other modes of play include a Multiplayer ""Everyone for themselves"" Battle and Solo Mode.

The core game includes 10x character decks (30 cards each), 10x D6 Standard Dice and 2 custom Overpower dice.

Capes and Villains card examples
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Game should be released in TBD, so watch the news!

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