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Drema {Power Gamer} Sep 18th, 2016
“It is excellent cocktail”

Manchkina ruin vaults again — and not ABBA what, and from the world of legendary role-playing game of Pathfinder. Here all in an adult way: instead of network trolls and psychosquirrels — ancient dragons and powerful goddesses, and a half of indecencies promises to heroes death. But you are already grated puteprokhodets and long ago you holds a tail an arbalest. R-r-razmarodyoril remains of other manchkin, I have fastened boats from a mastodon and an armor from a drakozha, I have taken the Scepter of centuries in one hand, and in another — the Staff of shadows and with all this cart of pathos you stamps in a vault to ground the Sendpoyntsky Devil and will pile lyuly Mother Chudishch to Lamasht.

“Manchkin Pathfinder” — an independent game on the basis of original Manchkin: play her as is or mix with other sets. You are also waited by the cool game field, cardboard figures and permanently hilarious illustrations of John Kovalik — everything that it is necessary for the real manchkin comfortably to meet the tenth level!

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Ivan R {Avid Gamer} Sep 18th, 2016
“Great party Game for everyone”

Easy to learn, when you Play It once you want to Play more, you want to win, to test yourself.
Best for 6+ players because of The mechanics, two groups, one leader each, and each one leads a team of at least two people to maximice fun.
The game is very reapetable, you can Play time after time, enjoying It The game and everytime is a different game.
With a box you have to Play forever.
You can Play with Kids, adults, old people, at home, in a party, picnic, you dont need a Big space to set The game.

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Stargazer1 {Avid Gamer} Sep 16th, 2016
“Set Sail for Fun!”

Port Royal takes place in the Caribbean Sea during colonial times. Players take on the role of a merchant who trades and deals in an effort to gain wealth and influence. This game is a little light on theme. The object of the game is to gain gold coins in order to hire persons and score victory points (VPs). The player with the most victory points (VPs) is the winner. Port Royal is for 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up and plays in about 30 minutes.

The components consist of 120 cards. The cards have colorful artwork, which is slightly cartoonish, and are of marginal durability. The cards have a picture of a gold coin on one side and pictures of ships or persons on the other side. The artwork is family friendly as there is no nasty or objectionable material. The rulebook is only a couple of pages, but well organized and written.

Set-up for Port Royal is lightning quick. Just shuffle the deck of cards and then deal three cards (coin side face up) to each player. The player who last visited a harbor is the starting player.

Each player in clockwise order becomes the active player. A player’s turn consists of the following two phases:
1. Discover
2. Trade & Hire

The active player draws cards to form the Harbor Display. The player continues to draw cards until either two ships of the same color are drawn or the player voluntarily stops to draw. During this phase a player can use the swords of the pirates and sailors he has hired to repel or discard ships as they are drawn. Cards which can be drawn include:

Ships – give gold
Persons – give special abilities and VPs
Expeditions – give bonus VPs if completed
Tax Increases – take gold from players with large amount of gold

The Trade & Hire phase begins once the active player has voluntarily stopped drawing cards. If the active player draws two ships of the same color, then he has busted and skips this phase. The number of cards the active player may take from the Harbor Display is dependent on the number of different color ships in the Harbor Display. Zero to three ships, the player may take one card. Four ships, the player may take two cards. Five ships, the player may take three ships. The active player Trades if he decides to take a ship card for the gold coins indicated on the card. The active player may choose instead or in addition (depending on the number of cards he can take) Hire a person in the Harbor Display. The amount of gold coins required to hire a person is indicated on the card.

There are several different persons, such as Sailors, Pirates and Admirals to name a few, which will grant the player a special ability if they hire them. Pirates and sailors give swords used to repel ships; other persons give additional gold or allow a player to draw more cards from the harbor Display. Each person is also worth VPs, ranging from 1 to 3, depending on the importance of the person. For example an admiral is worth more VPs than a sailor.

After the active player has taken his card(s), then each player in clockwise order may take a card too. These players pay a small nominal fee of one gold coin to the active player for the privilege of taking a card.

Once everyone has had a chance to take a card, any remaining cards are discarded and play proceeds clockwise to the next player. When a player reaches 12 VPs, then each player has one more turn and the game ends. Players then count VPs.

Port Royal is an easy game to learn and play. There is some strategy which may take a play or two to pick up. However, it is not much of a thinky type game so it is perfect to pull out after a long day of gaming.

Port Royal plays quick, with virtually no downtime. There are no unique or innovative mechanics in Port Royal. However, the game features a Press Your Luck mechanic which is fun and usually appeals to casual gamers. Stay away from this game if the Press Your Luck mechanic is not your thing.

Port Royal is a fun quick playing light game. The tension in the Discover phase during the draw is what this game is all about and can be killer! I highly recommend Port Royal for family and casual gamers.

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Matt Adlard {Avid Gamer} Sep 12th, 2016
“Lot of fun, with Chibi Ninja's”

Ok where to start,

As well as a rulebook, you also get a team roster sheet pad to record your team’s stats and progress, designed for league games, however the game works fine playing one-off challenges, and is really greta fun for getting new players into the game. If you have every played Bloodbowl, has some aspects that both have same in common.
You also get large-sized cards of stats for the Ninja Clan teams and six for Shrine teams. Also inc deck of 52 Moon Cards which are played throughout the game to either help your team or hinder your opponent, 12 cards of Clan Heroes, 26 cards of assorted Ronin and best of all a deck of stat cards for Ninja’s to be used in Super Dungeon Explore, which many also have a copy of.

You get two sheets packed with counters, the counters are colourful and nice and thick to use in the game, Most feature status effects – Activated, Curse, Delay, Haste, Lucky, Moon Power, Poison, Protect, Slow, Stealth and Stun.
The game board is exquisit and double sided which makes it more usable. One side an japanese manor house or temple on the other. Miniatures move from dot to dot, some of which have restrictions marked on them depending on their surrounding terrain. This can effect movement, status, LoS.

The 16 dice [8 black & 8 white] feature symbols of the six elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Void and Water. This is a nice touch as it makes it friendly for new players. The dice are used to make tests and easy to understand.

Combat, Attacker rolls a number of dice equal to their Attack stat, Defender rolls dice equal to their Defence stat. These stats can be modified by certain circumstances. The results of the two rolls are compared, dice are eliminated based on counter elements, i.e Fire/water, etc. Result, the player with the most dice chooses a single die from those remaining for the result of the attack. Simple. Injured Ninja are placed in the Healing House until they heal, then move along to the Training House.

The miniatures are chibi manga in style and excuisite with a lot of fun and style. They hve alot of character and are both a painters minaiture and can be used just as is. The miniaturea are a draw as they are and really worth the cost of the game its self. If you are looking for a game that can get both adults and kids into gaming this has to be one of the draws. This is a clever rules style as its very easy to learn and play but difficult to master as you constantly learning something new.

The game itself Hmmm, how best to answer this, like one suggested before it is similar to bloodbowl than a traditional wargame, as you cannot kill the other Ninja’s just take them out of the game. You are injured or stunned. The game penalies poor choice and tactics, but rewards clever or smart play, so new players quickly learn how to improve the game play and can easily win

Recommended purchase.

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B. Chereaux {Avid Gamer} Sep 12th, 2016
“Old Faithful”

This was my introduction to higher level board gaming, as I’m sure it was for many of you. Since everyone has already covered the mechanics of the game I won’t spend any time there.
< It really is easy to learn as there are a limited number of things to do each turn
< The trading aspect between players makes this a highly social game
< There are many expansions that allow for new mechanics, but also scale the game up or down in number of players so that it is easy to fit to whatever group you may have
< The resource gathering mechanic is good for younger players and newer ones, because it keeps them engaged during other peoples turns

< I may step on a toe here, but I feel like the components could use an upgrade from 1995
< The initial placement of settlements is more important than it appears, and should be pointed out to newbies.

Overall, I didn't enjoy this game when I first tried it many years ago. However, since then, a member of our regular gaming group brought it back up and it has appeared at about 50% of our game nights since.

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Go to the Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death page
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Remy Moore {Avid Gamer} Sep 9th, 2016
“Been playing this one for a while now - and loving it!”

Shadows Of Brimstone is one of my favorite boardgames. The components are the usual Flying Frog mega pieces with thick cardstock and awesome figures. I am a miniature enthusiast (I mean I love minis, not that I am tiny) so assembling them and painting them is a labor of love.

The game plays 1-4 (or 1-6 if you have both base sets) and is overly large without being overly complex. There are a ton of tokens and rules, but they are very straight forward and easy to implement. It is a little like D&D in the sense that you can add the rules you like and make the game as immersive as you and your group wish. There are so many environments and monsters and possibilities that I love expanding the world of our group and really plumbing the depths of this Horror/Western!

Specific to Swamps of Death:


Rulebook, Adventure Book
16 Small Dice
1 Eight-sided Die
1 Peril Die
Interlocking, double-sided Map Tiles, featuring the Old West Mines on one side and overgrown, murky Swamps of Jargono on the other.
1 Depth Track
Die-cut Counters
CD Soundtrack
4 Double-sided Hero Character Sheets
6 Double-sided Enemy Record Sheets
9 Double-sided Extra Large Cards
4 Plastic Hero Figures
6 Plastic Tentacles
6 Plastic*bats
12 Plastic Hungry Dead
3 Large Plastic Slashers
1 Extra Large Plastic Harbinger
18-card Mine Map Deck
36-card Gear Deck
15-card Mine Artifact Deck
20-card Mine Encounter Deck
35 Threat Cards
11 Sermon Cards
7-card Growing Dread Deck
15-card Darkness Deck
10-card Personal Items Deck
12-card Loot Deck
12-card Scavenge Deck
15-card Jargono Encounter Deck
10-card Jargono Artifact Deck
18-card Jargono Map Deck
5-card Jargono Otherworld Threat Deck
8 Staring Gear Cards
12 Hero Starting Upgrade Cards
2 World Cards
4 Side Bag Cards
5 Reference Cards

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90-180 minutes

One of my favorites, but I love Horror/Westerns and painting minis. If these turn you off, avoid this one. There is a ton of theme here and I don’t see the reason for the game if you don’t assemble and paint the minis! We try to get this one out for our major get-togethers and play with 8 people. The game says up to 6, but we haven’t had any issues with it dragging. I also like to play this one solo but only when I have a lot of spare time!! :)

I hope you try it.

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Rukkus {Avid Gamer} Sep 9th, 2016
“A great building game”

This game starts simple enough, draw a tile, play the tile and then decide to play one of your meeples on said tile. As the game progresses the mechanics remain the same but the strategy gets more complicated. You have more places that you can place the tile that your draw. Do you extend a road or a city. If it is a cloister where is the best place to play it, when and where is the best place to farm can you close a road to get a meeple back or maybe you choose to play defensively limiting your opponents options.

Tons of replay value and strategies. I like that there are scoring options build into the game that aren’t tallied up until the last tile is played. This keeps all players engaged. The game plays pretty fast once you learn the mechanics. This page says 45min but you could easily play one game in less than 30 min. Giving you the option to play multiple games which, because of the variety, would be totally different or play a different game altogether.

This game has many, many expansions. What I like about them is that they add to base game, but don’t change the game drastically. They also don’t lengthen the game by too much.

All in all and awesome game with tons of possibilities and that is something I can build a game collection around.

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Go to the Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep page
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HarryCallaghan79 {Avid Gamer} Sep 9th, 2016
“The next step after Catan”

My Wife is was a massive Catan fan, at her request we played it and played it and played it until I began to hate the game for a while until one day I stood up from the table and shouted ‘NO, not today’.
‘Okay’, she answered, ‘what do you want to play?’
I began frantically rummaging through my catalog of games I own in the library of my mind and stopped at Waterdeep. Would she turn her nose up at it because it says Dungeons & Dragons in the corner? I know it is easy to teach but will it be immediately interesting? I sighed and took the plunge.
I am glad I did. She loved it and I think it is great too. Now she asks for this all the time and will probably make me dislike it soon but, for now, we’re good.

Basically, you are a lord of Waterdeep… You know what the theme doesn’t really matter here. This is a game where you place little men tokens out on the board and gather the resources or perform the action listed on that space.

You have a list of quests, with a list of requirements, that you can try to finish by paying the list of requirements when you have acquired them. At he end of 8 rounds, the player with the most points after bonuses are added wins.

That’s it. Simple. If you have a quest that says get 4 black cubes and 4 gold to finish it, you look at the board and see where you can gain black cubes or money and place a man there to get it, unless your opponents have just claimed that spot.

The opponents are what make this interesting.

If they have claimed a space you need to figure out from a wealth of options how to either:
a) get another space onto the board to open the spaces up or
b)get a new quest or
c)play an intrigue card to rob a piece or just punish an opponent for hampering you.

I know I just made it sound like it is interaction crazy, but it isn’t really. Everyone is just trying to do the same thing as you and they usually place a agent on a space because they need it. Usually… unless they are evil incarnate.

This game plays well, it is fluid and there is always something you can choose to do.

Replay Value: This game scales excellently for 2 to 5 players and is always busy on the board. The quest and there bonuses means thaqt no two games are the same, and 8 turns means that the game will never go on too long. I have heard the expansion really opens the game up and takes it to the next level.

Components: Beautiful artwork, amazing box insert and easy to understand manual, Perfect.

Easy to Learn: Very simple, place a guy out and get whatever it says on the space, then finish a quest if you can, play passes left, then do it again. Easy.

The perfect step up after you wow people with Catan, show them a intro game with, (shock) no dice!!!!

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Rukkus {Avid Gamer} Sep 8th, 2016
“We own a zoo?”

Zooloretto is a game that we have owned for sometime and even though we don’t play this one as often as some other games it is a family favorite.

First of all the mechanics are pretty easy. You take turns drawing tiles and putting them on “trucks” then when a truck you like fills up you grab it before someone else does. The tiles on the truck are animals, money or vendors that go into your zoo. If someone takes a truck on their turn that you wanted you might be forced to choose a truck you didn’t want.

This allows for lots of strategy of where you place the tile you draw and when you pick a truck. There is also strategy of where you will place your animals in your zoo. You can only have one type of animal in a pen at a time. You have limited pens and lots of animals to choose from. You can also expand your zoo to make room for more animals, but it will cost you. The animals you can’t use go into your barn and count against you at the end of the game.

There are many ways to score, which is nice because it keeps players engaged in the game til the very end.

The game has room for up to 5 players and plays well with 3 or 4 nicely.

I also like the amount of time it takes to play, about 45 min. The variety of the game is it’s best quality. Lots of replay value. And the animals are cute to boot.

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Matt Adlard {Avid Gamer} Sep 7th, 2016
“Great game”

This is a great game for both family and gaming groups, and anyone who’s looking to buy a new game and does not have this should at least consider it as a serious buy.

the game play is both smooth and logical with a high playability factor.

The rules are easy to digest and new players can get to grips with the game quickly and feel that they can compete from the offset, something that other games can fail at. While the rules may appear simple they pack a lot of hidden tactical playability and thinking. It also balances play styles with more experienced players being able to take a bigger chance and risk with more complex routes, but easily rewards those who take it steady and cautiously.

The artwork is nice and complements the game with a friendly approachable feel that one feels help make the and add to the games charm.

Played this game at the games club several times now and have found that it is always well received by both new players both to the game and board gaming and more experienced hands.

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8 out of 10 gamers thought this review was helpful
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