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masongamer {Power Gamer} Oct 25th, 2014
“Dice Rolling Town”

Machi Koro emulates Settlers of Catan in that you roll the dice to determine how much income you receive during your turn. Some players may not like the randomness of this, but I feel this makes the game interesting and fun. Many people say that the Cheese Factory strategy is the primary way of winning the game, but it hasn’t worked for me. Probably for some odd reason I seem to roll high in this game.

Reception in my game group has been positive and I think it is a fun little game. It is very easy to teach, sets up quickly and plays fast. I think it’s a great light game with a good amount of replayability.

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Thefilmcritic {Casual Gamer} Oct 25th, 2014
“fun coop but play with the right people”

Enjoyable card game but can be frustrating when played with the wrong person.

overview. you have sets of cards (fireworks)5 or 6 sets depending on how you choose to play which you are trying to lay down numerically from 1 to 5 and in the corresponding colours. EG Red fireworks from 1 up to 5. So if you had 5 sets completed from 1 to 5 you would score maximum 25 points (the highest possible)

The neat mechanic of the game is that only your coop players see your cards and you can see theirs. The idea is to help the each other work out what colour or number cards you have (by either stating they hold a certain colour or number amongst their cards)

Now I found playing with my son we seem to get scores of around low 20′s, but with other people i am lucky to get over 12!!! some have real trouble remembering the card info they are given.

It is frustrating but fun, BUT play it with people who have good memories!

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Thefilmcritic {Casual Gamer} Oct 25th, 2014
“Great Art, Great Game quick to learn”

No point giving a full breakdown as the main review says it all.
I would like to add that the Cartoon style artwork is fantastic. It’s simple dice rolling and if the number matches a card you have it will pay out.
4 types of colour cards in the game. BLUE pays all, GREEN pays the dice roller, RED steals from an opponent & PURPLE performs an action.
when you have enough money it allows you to purchase more cards which can then potentially earn you more money. The first person to build 4 landmarks wins.

I played this will my girlfriend who only really likes quick games. she picked it up on the first game and liked it. yet to play 3 player or more, but my first instinct is that this is going to be a big hit.

There is also an expansion played called the harbour coming out which you can find info on You Tube.

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Kame_leon {Casual Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“Know yout History. ”

The game is very simple but noneless fun. You have to place event in the current order on the board. If some musicals or cinematics events may be easy. You’ll struggle on certain period of time.

It is face to learn, making it a party game that will be enjoyable by people of all age. The disadvantage is that the owner of the game will finish by learning by heart the date of events so the replay value is limited.

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threeoutside {Social Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“A great intro game - fun and fast”

I bought ****** when it first came out in 2003, but didn’t get a chance to play it until last year. My little gang of lady gamers (we call ourselves “Eat. Talk. Play.,” so you know where our priorities are) really had fun with it.

The art is beautiful, the cards are high-quality and handle easily, the game is pretty easy to pick up, and the action gets faster the more you play it. We love playing it during out October get-together.

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Marvin K. {Avid Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“Quick, easy to teach, and fun”

This is a fun game that has a wide variety of choices and a healthy dose of luck. You start with a wheat field and a bakery. You also have 3 coins. You also have 4 cards “under construction” meaning you don’t get them until you have the money to pay for them. Every card in the game has game effects and also costs coins. The game effect is usually about collecting coins from the bank or other players. On your turn you roll 1 6-dided die. Later you will earn the choice of rolling 1 or 2 dice. After you roll collect or pay rewards based on what you rolled and then you can purchase 1 card. Card effects stack- for instance, a wheat field costs 1 coin to buy and pays 1 coin when you roll a 1. If you have 3 wheat fields and roll a 1 you would get 3 coins. Different cards are attached to different numbers. Cards are also colored and there is an order that cards are paid out in. Red cards, for instance, collect coins first from the player who just rolled and are paid out before other cards. This is important, because if you roll a number covered by a red card you will pay what you can and then collect from the bank so you will always have a chance to buy something. the game ends with the 1st player to build all 4 of his/her “under construction” cards.
Choose wisely on what order you build your special cards as the game effects will depend a lot on the choices others make. It is a fun, quick game I think you will enjoy.

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SockDrawerMonster {Avid Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“Is there enough space in space?”

Or maybe it should be: “Is there enough space on your table?”
Among the Stars is similar to the 7 Wonders on basic level, that it is card drafting game and thats about it. However the feel of 7 Wonders is so close that if you liked it you’ll like this one too.

Game is for 2-4 players and with some alterations can be played with 5 players, however game time will be reduced this way (I will post the variant to Tips section).

Every player starts with 6 cards and Main Reactor with two power cubes and 10 credits.
Among the Stars uses card rotating system. You pass cards after your turn to player next of you, direction depends on the year you’re playing (or corresponding galactic time unit of your preference). Game mechanic is pretty simple, you play card, reveal it and pay the cost of it, then pass your cards to next player. Year ends after all 6 cards have been played.
There isn’t other resources than credits and power cubes, and you get more credits at beginning of each year. What makes the game interesting is the cubes. Some locations require them to be built and using the cubes is limited to two adjacent locations away, which forces you to plan how to build your station. You can get more of power stations, but it might mean that you don’t get to build the location you want after all.

Now he said adjacent location. What does that mean?
Remember when I asked is your table big enough? Good, I forgot it too… When you place a new location to your space station, it has to be adjacent to existing location. This mechanic is wonderful and shape of cards compliment this perfectly. However in 4 player game the stations tend to become real behemoths and you find space running out. But hey, there is always the floor.

Learning curve
Among the Stars is pretty easy to learn, even more so than its most obvious competitor. Unlike in 7 Wonders, where there are numerous symbols (especially in the expansions) AoS doesn’t use symbols, but effect is reading on the card whether its the benefits or limitations.
Of course this requires that you’re able to read the text, its not for the youngest players out there (also if you’re from country in which English is not the native language, you’ll need to push the age limit up).

Cards are visually beautiful and you feel like its actually a proper space station with alien influence on it. Cards are clear and easy to read and they have updated the scoreboard to better form compared to original release, making it easy to keep track on. Credits that game comes with are bit boring looking, but they serve their purpose. Besides I rather admire how marvelous my space station is looking than my soddy pile of credits.

This game is sufficiently different from 7 Wonders to own them both, especially if you like space theme. There is no warfare, so nobody is left their feelings hurt (those sore losers). Art is beautiful and game relatively fast. This is a game that is fun for whole family with great replay value since its modular and your station never looks the same. Unlike in 7 Wonders it is not always so clear what you want, usually you’re torn between 2+ choice because you know you won’t get the chance to build the other choice. This is great game that I can suggest to anybody from family to power gamer.

Fun is guaranteed, unless you’re incapable to have fun…

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Manuel Correia {Avid Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“Never leaves by backpack”

Hive is a really elegant abstract strategy game, and that is reflected mainly in the rules and the components.

The rules are simple. On a turn you either place a new bug or you move an existing one. Once a player’s queen bee is completely surrounded, he loses. The thing is, you can’t break the hive. This means, moving a piece which would divide the board in two or more parts.

This is the rule that makes the game. As the pieces move around the board will take a different shape and some will be trapped. This is where you realize you have attack and defend at the same time.

The components are made of bakelite, which makes them very sturdy and pleasing to handle and make a cool sound when they bang together. Players are instantly engaged with these.

There is a portable version, Hive Pocket, which I always carry with me because it’s easy to teach, games don’t drag on and there’s always a surface nearby.

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Tatxu {Avid Gamer} Oct 24th, 2014
“From Boardgame to Online and killing a collectible game”

My sister gave me this game as my last Birthday present, and i really enjoy it. I am specially charmed by games with good visual aspect, and this one is gorgeous. I take a pair of the minis in my hands and feel like a child once again.

Said that, behind this incredible art, a deep strategy game is found. Like other miniature games, you have to join a team, but not of dozens of units: just a few expert warriors. This is done quite quick and easy, but do not think it does not matter, it is where the first important decisions will appear!

AS the gameplay has been already explained, i will not enter into it, but i will talk about two other issues:


The game is up for organized competition. You really like it and want to enter in a league? With your copy of the game a code for entering the online version will be given to you.
It is as you will expect a good implementation of the game, but be sure to play some physical games firts, cause the automatizacion of the mechanics will not be so clear for you if you are not used to the game.
Online you will have available the same guys you have a physical miniature, using the codes you always get when purchasing them.


Usually i do not like collectible games unless, and in this priority:
1 – They are controled like LCGs
2 – They are very good
I can value good collectible games, but sorry i will not buy anithing blindfolded.
So, in Krosmaster you will buy the miniatures you will like to add to your collection in packs, knowing what you are getting. Also you can check on their web site all the stats related to each mini before buying it, so this is perfectly controlled.

BUT, Spanish gamers!! WATCH OUT! In the spanish edition the basic box is the same as the original one, but to improve your collection instead of selling controlled packs they have decided to use the ‘Surprise Box’… YES, you will by the miniatures one by one without knowing what is it in the box, which is completely crazy for this kind of game (do you imagine making a Warhammer army buying by ‘Surprise’?)

Do not be afraid, spanish colleagues. I recommend to buy online or on local stores that are enough reasonable to understand that the spanish edition has killed the collectible aspect of the bame, the english edition packs. The mechanics of the game are very well understood on the icons of the cards for each character, and you will need to understand the special abilities which anyway come from a list of the rules in the basic game.

Finally them… Who is up for a game against my Kromasters Team!? ENJOY

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MaxKreutzer {Power Gamer} Oct 23rd, 2014
“A Brilliantly Executed Mini-version of Ultimate Werewolf”

One Night Ultimate Werewolf really feels and plays like the larger version of the party game. It only has one round and can be played by as little as 3 players, but with the adapted characters, the trickery and rampant accusations that make Ultimate Werewolf so much fun remain intact.

What makes this game stand out even more is the accompanying app that narrates the night phase for you. It’s makes for great ambiance and allows everyone to join in the mayhem.

The only real issue with this game is easily fixed and that has to do with being able to hear players next to you shuffling cards during the night phase. Just tell everyone to make an effort to produce fake sounds and be aware that everyone can hear everything and you should be good.

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