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It's All About Me
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Lazarus 657 {Avid Gamer} Jul 23rd, 2014
“Don't forget about science !!”

Once you get the hang of it, this game is pretty good. Try to “mix it up” in terms of what civilization you get. And then …
#1. Don’t forget about science. I swear this slow but steady approach to gathering points, if “enabled” by other players, wins 75%+ of the time.
#2. War is too easy to block. I’ve won going the war route, but it’s not easy unless your neighbors are weaklings.
#3. I have mixed feelings about the expansion sets … Leaders and Cities. Cities is better than Leaders (which gets overly complex I think).
#4. This is best played with 5 people in my opinion.

Overall, this is a “go to” game for our gaming Meetup group. It does not take to long for experienced players, and there are lots of ways to win.

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OntarioJack {Avid Gamer} Jul 23rd, 2014
“Most fun Co-op game I've played to date”

First off, I’ll say the novel of a rulebook this game comes with a a little off-putting, but it’s not as complex or overwhelming as it seems to learn this game.

The quality of the pieces is good, so no complaints there.

As for gameplay, this game is a lot like Pandemic. Every turn more crazy things happen forcing players to put out fires before they eat up all the oxygen, or keep flooding waters from sinking the sub too fast. What’s really great about this game is the time mechanic during turns. Every turn you have, you can take as much time doing whatever tasks and moving as you feel like, but the more time you take, the farther you progress on the time track, and the more bad things happen in the sub.

I also enjoy that players can jump out and leave their friends for dead towards the end, and the fact that players are mortal, and can die very easily as a result of another players bad choices.

Overall I have to say this is the best co-op game I’ve played yet, mostly because of the time mechanic.

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Tasty Minstrel Games Fan
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Ryan {Avid Gamer} Jul 23rd, 2014
“Like Apples to Apples, but good”

My Story
I found this game at a thrift store and I’m really pleased I did because I probably never would’ve tried it otherwise. I heard it described as “Like Apples to Apples, but with pictures,” and that immediately turned me off.

After having played it at game night, I have to say it is indeed like Apples to Apples. The main difference is that instead of one person choosing a winner seemingly at random, everyone chooses the winner by voting which card they think belongs to the “storyteller”. This makes all the difference and allows me to actually enjoy this game.

- Beautiful artwork
- Simple rules
- Encourages creativity
- Plays quickly
- Kids can play (or at least be on a team)

- Pictures can be too simple and too focused to come up with a good ambiguous clue.
- One play and we used almost every card already!
- My version came with cheap plastic pawns and the insert won’t hold any more cards (the newer printing had wooden bunnies and an insert that holds all the expansions up to this point)

Dixit is like Apples to Apples with pictures, but somehow it’s actually good.

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breacher18 {Avid Gamer} Jul 23rd, 2014
“Breacher18 Reviews Marvel Dice Masters”
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Tide of Iron fan
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Capt_Ron {Avid Gamer} Jul 22nd, 2014
“A great old game that has plenty of replay value”

This game came out a long time ago, the seventies, I think. I remember seeing it in the store when I used to go buy expansions and miniatures for my Star Trek game. I used to stare at all the mech miniatures and want this game. But I was putting my money into Star Trek. Then in the eighties I met a man, who became my best friend. He had Battletech and we played. That was all it took, I was hooked. So I bought all of the RPG expansions after that, and every time I went to a convention, I bought another miniature. The game involves your Mech, a twenty foot robot controlled by your pilot. These robots have many weapons like lasers, autocannons, Charged Particle Cannons (PPC), rockets, missiles, and other weapons. It is a lot of fun and pretty easy to learn. It does have a lot of modifiers and record keeping during the game. I still love it, even though I don’t get to play as often as I used to like. They have brought out a new boxed game lately, I want it, but don’t have it yet. My old 80′s citytech boxed set still serves me well.

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Tide of Iron fan
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Capt_Ron {Avid Gamer} Jul 22nd, 2014
“Like the terrain and cards, Airplane rules are terrible.”

I once heard at a convention that Richard Borg didn’t like the air pack rules because there was no way for ground forces to shoot at the airplanes. I also didn’t like that the air unit moved only one hex more than armor. Excuse me! A airplane moving at at least two hundred miles per hour only moves one more hex than armor moving at twenty to thirty miles per hour?! I also didn’t like the fact that, under these rules an air unit has to make an air check to fly over a minefield successfully! So I sat down and in an hour I created my own air rules. The first edition was two pages, but in time and after adding real ground interdiction and air interdiction rules, it is currently at six pages. It is available on BGG under air pack files.

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Stratagem fan
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BaldMike70 {Avid Gamer} Jul 22nd, 2014
“Updating An All Time Classic!”

This review is focused on the Battle Cry 150th Anniversary Edition although I compare it to the classic edition, too.

Its kind of strange to call a game that came out in 2000 as a classic, but Battle Cry by Richard Borg is just such a game. It took the American Civil War theme out of the often-times overly complex ‘map-with card board chits’ games of Avalon Hill and Victory Games and streamlined them. At the time, some of the hard core ACW gamers cried fowl since Battle Cry is simple, easy to play but lacking in the kind of minute attention to detail that they were used to. On the other hand, Battle Cry could be played by complete novices within minutes and an entire game could be played in 30 minutes. The card based orders were generally easy to grasp and balanced (although a few cards weren’t really). A vast number of scenarios were included in the game which changed the set up, offered specific battle conditions, the layout of terrain and the conditions for victory. If you’ve ever played Battle Lore or Memoire 44 then you’ve already played this system. Its easy and leaves a lot of variety.

So, how does this updated version compare to the classic? It absolutely improves it! The original had a few small but important rules problems. There was a card called All Out Offensive which could completely wipe out your enemy by allowing all of your forces to be activated! It has been replaced by a better card allowing you to activate one unit per the number of cards in your hand. This limits you to maybe 5 or 6 units, not all of them!

The scenarios from the original have all returned as well as a number of scenarios that previously were only available online. You can run a campaign that takes you through every major land engagment of the war. With some creativity you could even put together your own scenarios by using the terrain tiles supplied.

There are a few minor rules changes, some which were only online suggestions from players that while unfortunate, aren’t really missed much. Lastly, the newer edition has better storage for your different units, allowing the set up and put away time to lessen (one of the only drags to the old edition since you had to spend set up time sorting through all of your pieces to assemble the infantry, artillery, calvary and General units).

There are only two relatively minor complaints I have with the update:

1)The updated board is darker in an attempt to look more like an aged battle map. The original game was a brihgter yellow map design, which I preferred. My wife, on the other hand prefers the new, darker board. The newer board does have a place for both Union and Confederate players to place their captured flags (used to determine a winner), though.

2)The adhesive on the flags, used to distiguish each unit from another never lasts. I had to superglue every flag and even that isn’t perfect since the surface area on the miniature is so small. Like I said, a minor complaint at best.

If you have even a passing interest in old time Military tactics (American or not), you should try Battle Cry 150th Ann. Edition. Even a lot of those old Military strategy players have adopted this as one of their favorites due to the ease at teaching and how quickly the game is played. I highly recommend this game!

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Stratagem fan
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BaldMike70 {Avid Gamer} Jul 22nd, 2014
“So Easy To Get Into!”

While there are plenty of rabid gamers out there scrambling over each other and camping out at game conventions just to be one of the first to try each and every new game on the market, I prefer another approach.

My wife and I wait for a game to be out a while. I personnaly love to read reviews so that I can get a feel for the public’s reaction. Now, mind you, I don’t always agree with reviews since not everyone agrees with what I like, but a detailed, thoughtful review of a game is enjoyable to read and can give hints as to how playable a game is going to be.

Now, to tell you the truth, I’ve been dupped before. Some games lack a certain quality that draws you in and continues to captivate. Other games shine on the shelf but don’t make you hungry for more. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game isn’t one of those.

I’ve waited a long time for a Star Wars table-based ship combat strategy game. My wife and I try to get games from a wide variety of styles and themes but up until X-Wing, we didn’t have space dogfighting.

And what a dogfight it is! X-Wing is really easy to learn, with obvious tactics implied in its every rule! Now, mind you, so far we only have the Core Set, the Y-Wing and the Tie Advanced Expansions, but so far all of these ships are distinct and unique. Battle scenarios are easy to create ‘on the fly’ and a whole game can be played in 30 minutes or less. Now my wife wants us to buy the more expensive expansions, namely the ‎YT-1300 light freighter (Millenium Falcon) and the Firespray-31 (Slave 1). This is a good sign since if she didn’t care for the game, it’d be really difficult to justify spending that money on game components for a game she didn’t like. We live on a budget so money spent is a real concern.

My wife also likes the prepainted miniatures. We have had unpainted miniatures plenty of times for other games, and we always hope to get around to painting them but never do. These ships are well done and really attract others to check out this amazing game.

So far there have been 10 expansions, each with various options for ships of different levels of competency based on the ship’s pilot and special abilities. Since each ship has four different pilots, and some have additional crew options and many ships can have upgrades applied to them via upgrade cards (‘bought’ with points), this makes the forces really varied, but not in an unwielding way. The system for making a fleet and conducting battles is really slick and although I haven’t tried it, I’ve read that tournement games for X-Wing is a lot of fun.

All in all, X-Wing satisfies all of my space dogfight desires!

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TimAtwood {Avid Gamer} Jul 21st, 2014

And I love it! This is a great game with lots of stuff. There are tons of strategies or you can just fly by the seat of your pants. It seems complicated at first but stick with it… once you get the hang of the flow it is quite simple. When comparing to Agricola… feeding the dwarves may require some shifting of resources but is completely doable. I have never seen a beggar tile taken in Caverna, and it is fairly easy to avoid negative points on all fronts.

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Comic Book Fan
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Felix {Avid Gamer} Jul 21st, 2014
“Backstab them!”

This was actually the first game of it’s kind that I played a few years back, and I still find it as funny now as I did then even though I now own a few expansions.

What the game is about is creating and strengthening your own character, killing monsters, taking their treasures and most importantly, make sure that no one else is in the vicinity of winning by backstabbing them.

During gameplay you will have many opportunities to become (among others) elves, thieves, wizards and even gnomes, each one with special powers that will help you (or possibly make it worse) fight all those evil monsters that are out to get you!
Your aim is to collect weapons and other items that will make you stronger compared to the ghastly monsters. If win the fight, you get to steal the monsters treasures, making you even stronger. If you loose on the other hand, baaad stuff will happen to you.

In a game where almost anything is possible there will no doubt be arguments, shouting and bargaining with the other players, and I can promise you a night of great fun!

It can be a bit slow when there are munchkin-newbies playing, but as soon as they learn the game will pick up pace. I prefer playing four players!


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