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2p Noob {Avid Gamer} Oct 31st, 2014
“If only all cross country travel was this easy...”

Ticket to Ride is the beginning of the Days of Wonder Franchise which has captured imaginations world wide. Introduced to us by my in-laws it has become a family classic and played by three generations.

Easy to Learn 5 Stars

Ticket to Ride has many charming rules that allow for a potentially challenging 2 and 3 player experience and an accessible map to 4 and 5 players. Not only is Ticket to Ride easy to learn it is easy to teach. Depending on childrens abilities it is a great way to teach matching and beginning counting skills for young children.

Components 3.5 Stars

The board is of a high quality and beautifully designed in the period 19-teens style. The train cars are made of a durible plastic the artwork on the playing cards is stunning and the stock used for the cards is also durible.

That being said you can tell that this is a European game set in the United States. Some of the geographic locations of cities are not where they should be. This may not distract you, or you may never notice, but notible sites are Duluth and Helena.

Also, the playing cards are small. This was rectified through the USA 1910 expansion which made larger cards to replace the small ones included in the game. My large handed husband generally makes color piles so he doesn’t have to hold his cards.

Neither of these points are “game stoppers” but are something to be considered when choosing who to play with.

Replay Value 3.5 Stars

While the possibilities of routes are varied, you may find yourself playing the same way every time.

There are rule varients for 2 & 3 player games which restrict the use of the “double routes”. This rule is handy if you and your opponent have overlapping routes but will not come into play if you are both going east/west but they are north through Canada and you are south through Texas. As for playing with 4 & 5 this quick game still proves capable of causing chaos and laughter between friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Ticket to Ride proves to be a great gateway game into further gaming endeavors. The mechanics of playing lend to a light hearted atmosphere that allows for interaction between people while still wondering if you need a GPS to get from New York to Miami. Any shortcomings this game may have can be overlooked as long as players still enjoy themselves. This is why Ticket to Ride still has a place in my “go to” gaming rotation.

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Go to the One Night Ultimate Werewolf page
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inmarg {Avid Gamer} Oct 31st, 2014
“Best of the werewolf games”

Although I’ve never tried regular werewolf I’m confident in saying ONUW is my favorite of the bunch. It completely eliminates my biggest issue with werewolf, namely player elimination. At a yearly convention nearby they used to run a WW game one evening and although it seemed fun to take part in I never bothered because I couldn’t see a lot of enjoyment in watching people argue about who to lynch each day.

Enter One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

A simple little game that completely takes away the player elimination part and lasts for no more than 15 minutes. Granted, every now and then there will be a very straightforward, boring or total random game but the laughs and fun more than makes up for those.

Goal of the game:

Quite simply, this is Werewolf but only one night. Several roles may perform an action during night and when a new day dawns it is time to lynch someone. After some discussions to try and determine who to kill everyone votes at the same time and the person(s) with the most votes are lynched. Werewolves (and minion) win if all werewolves survive, villagers win if at least one wolf is killed and then there is a Tanner who just wants to be killed (to win).


Before starting the players need to agree on which roles to include in the game which in total will be 3 more than the number of players and it will include two werewolf role cards. Each player is given a random role and the remaining three are placed in the middle of the board. The game starts by everyone closing their eyes and following a given script each role with a night action may perform its action. The app available is highly recommended to download and use and it is also a timer for the discussion afterwards.


This is the roles available with a night action and in the order in which they act:

Werewolf: Werewolves get to see who the other werewolf is but if you are the only wolf you may look at one of the 3 center cards. This gives you a role you can claim to be. Just hope it is not the other werewolf…

Minion: The minion wins if wolves win, even if he dies himself. He knows who the wolves are but they do not know who he is.

Mason: There are two of these and they get to see who each other are and can confirm there honesty (unless changed of course).

Seer: The Seer may look at a player card OR look at two of the center cards

Robber:You may switch your card with that of another player and look at your new role.

Troublemaker: May switch two other players but without looking at them. This is a very powerful ability for trying to out a wolf.

Drunk: The drunk has no idea who he is because he is…drunk. He must switch his card for one unseen in the middle.

Insomniac: The Insomniac gets to look at his card which is the last night action so he is the only person who knows who or what he is.

In addition there are some roles that don’t have a night action. These are:

Villager: No ability, no action to perform.

Tanner: Tough role to play as the only way you can win is if you are lynched. Try and behave like a wolf but not too obvious.

Hunter: If you’re killed as the hunter whoever you point at will also be killed.

In addition there is a Doppelganger who starts of the night. This one can be quite tricky as he will look at any other player card and turns into that role and performs the night action right away if it has one. This has can turn the game into utter maddening chaos, but a hilarious chaos.


I love ONUW. As I mentioned, some games will be straightforward and dull but all the other games sure makes up for it. There are so many weird things that can happen which will bring out laughs for a long time. A Tanner win is always great to watch and imagine a game with Robber and Doppelganger in which the Robber has the potential to rob back his own card.

One of favorite moments was seeing a 10 year old kid tricking everyone around the table to believing he was a villager and turned out to be a werewolf. His parents were probably most shocked about this event.

My biggest issue is probably the space needed for a 8-10 player game as it is hard to reach across a table but having everyone stand up a couple of feet from the table may be a solution to this.

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Go to the Krosmaster: Arena page
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Jen Moore {Avid Gamer} Oct 31st, 2014
“Beauty, Brains, and Brawn”

I discovered Krosmaster Arena during the Frigost Expansion Kickstarter and had to ask myself how I could have missed the original game. Krosmaster Arena appealed to me with its chibi miniatures and quality artwork. The game looked adorable, and because I’m a sucker for the cute factor, I can be taken in by a pretty exterior only to find the game inside the box is lacking. However, such was not the case with Krosmaster Arena.
Game Basics
Each player controls a team of characters (or Krosmasters) and is battling your opponent’s team of characters (Krosmasters) for the Krosmoz Demon lords entertainment and you are attempting to either knock out your opponent’s team or have them lose all their Gallons of Glory Tokens. You roll dice to do battle with your opponent and your Krosmasters can use special powers (or special assistants), which will be indicated on their character card. You can buy rewards with Kama you acquire, which will help your Krosmaster as well. The board game has obstacles to move around and even climb over, which factors into fighting and moving as well.
What I Liked
1.Miniatures: I really liked how well done the miniatures were for this game. And they all are painted and ready to play right out of the box, so there isn’t any delay to play while you prime and paint your figures. The figures are all very creative looking and in general, there are a number of unique sculpts with very creative looks, although at a certain point, the same figure gets reused and just given different colors to be dubbed a new character. Although for me, this isn’t a problem as the figures all still have very different looks and the quality is very high.
2. Good game: There is a solid game here. I was taken in by the figures and I wouldn’t have expected to like a tactical, fighting board game, but it really works. It is easy to learn with a nice tutorial rulebook, and it is fun to play.
3.Upgrade Components: As I mentioned before, I became aware of this game during the kickstarter of the expansion for the game, and at that time, I became aware of the upgrade components for the game. In place of cardboard tokens, one can purchase resin figures, and metal coins, and colored dice, as Account Deletion mentioned in her review below. I did pick up the resin version of the tokens for Krosmaster Arena, and they are BEAUTIFUL and well made, and I would love to get them for the Frigost expansion too, but they are so expensive, that is unlikely that I will. That brings me to…
What I Didn’t Like
1. Cost for the game can add up very quickly. It is good to get more Krosmasters, so you can add variety to your games. But this can get expensive. You can get a deal if you are patient and are willing to shop around, but even so, if you are wanting to upgrade your game, you can easily drop a good chunk of change into it.
Final Verdict
This is a fun game that looks good on the outside, but has surprising depth inside.

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Manuel Correia {Avid Gamer} Oct 30th, 2014
“Lunch break filler”

If I saw this game at a shop I’d probably ignore it. It seems to be aimed at children, the art is very cartoony and the theme is chicken on a worm barbecue. Boy, am I glad a friend invited me to play!

Beneath its childish appearance lies a dice game with player interaction and interesting choices. Finally a dice game where you don’t just pick up the highest numbers and re-roll the rest.

If you’re playing with competitive people it can be really intense and fun! I play this regularly during the lunch break.

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Go to the Resident Evil Deck Building Game page
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Onivarious {Power Gamer} Oct 30th, 2014
“Challenging Game”

If you like the franchise you will like this game as well. It is a bit rough for the new deck builder, but is a good challenge for the old pro. We used to find the game play a bit slow at our store but once we figured out the starting purchase patterns it has sped up a lot. We are now making home brew variations to the game and things have become a lot more interesting. Not everyone will love this game. It is in general a slower starting deck builder game because of the fact nobody has to go in and fight the infected unless they want to. Game variations can fix this issue. And as we in the store like to say “It’s OK to die!” If we hear this chant and did not know before, we now know somebody is playing Resident Evil.

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2p Noob {Avid Gamer} Oct 29th, 2014
“This is how the world ends...”

For me, Pandemic was an impulse buy that has paid off in huge ways.

Let’s start with the three main areas:

Easy to Learn 3 Stars

Owning V 2.0, my husband and I have both found the instructions a little garbled to understand. The Rulebook does include in game scenarios that answer many players questions, but not all. Through repeated play and teaching others to play the game, many questions can be answered intuitively once the game mechanic is properly learned. From this temporarily steep learning curve it is easier to pick up, teach and play with others once you have played a few times yourself.

Components 5 Stars

Let me say that is wonderful to have a game where cardboard punch outs do not take the entire game time to set up. The durable wooden and plastic pieces do allow for prolonged game play without fear of overly damaging pieces to question their uses. One thing I am saddened by is the loss of the petri dishes for disease storage from V1 to V2, but it does not detract from the game. A simple pickup from your local craft/hobby shop or even bait/tackle shop and you can make your own. A more permanent storage would be preferable over the small bags given with the set.

Replay Value 5 Stars

Every game is different. Different roles, lead to different game play, 2p 3p and 4p strategy is different. The game comes with various levels from hard to master. The game mechanic is designed in such a way to allow difficulties to arise within the game. Just ask the CDC nothing ever goes to plan when you don’t know what a disease will do next.

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Rothro {Avid Gamer} Oct 29th, 2014
“Nice art”

This game is like most co-ops, you know you’re going to lose but you still play and most of the time you enjoy it and this game is no different. As long as you don’t go into co-op games with the mindset that you have already lost then you’ll enjoy this game. The set up is a little long as you got to set out all the cards and get everyone to pick their roles with sufficient discussion on what roles are needed and what can be avoided. Once you get things set up this game follows nicely. The gist is that aliens are attacking the ship you are on and if you can get the space jump up to engage before one of 3 things happen that cause you to lose, you win. I have played this 3 times in the last 2 days and I have another game scheduled for this coming week. I know now that I will enjoy the upcoming game as this is a simple game to understand and the replay value is there. If you have a chance to play this do so and just enjoy the ride as at the end of every turn something bad happens so just keep smiling and enjoy the ride…. while it lasts.

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Braden Oct 29th, 2014
“One of the best 2-player games out there”

Mr. Jack just broke into my top three 2-player games of all time. Yes, it was that good. While the price is up there for a 2-player game ($43 MSRP but cheaper at some stores), it is well worth it. The game is very high-quality in every way (more to come), but as good as the quality is, the gameplay and strategy steal the show. Play as Mr. Jack or the Detective. Move in and out of light and darkness according to whichever is most advantageous at the moment. Take special care to utilize the character skills wisely or you may get burned (as I have many times!) by your opponent.

The artwork immediately caught my eye. The board is incredibly detailed with a fun, cartoonish, yet realistic feel. The character and alibi “cards” can barely be called cards because of how thick and sturdy they are. The characters aren’t just faceless tokens, there is character depth and storyline (bolstered by great background descriptions of each). The map itself is perfect to facilitate a balance of strategy and player advantage (with strength spots and weakness spots for each character which must be accounted for on both sides).

The gameplay is very simple in construct, but there are innumerable tactical plans which may change at a moment’s notice. The entire game revolves around the witness card. If Jack is “seen” (i.e., in the light), the witness card must indicate as such which then eliminates the chance that Jack is one of the “unseen” characters, and vice versa. These characters are then tagged as innocent. This goes until either Jack escapes the city, remains hidden through the eighth round, or until the Detective makes an accurate accusation. Sound simple? Not so fast. With each player “playing” the part of two of four randomly selected characters each round, a strategy of illuminating as many characters as you can that round may be quickly thwarted by your opponents moves. Then you add the character abilities on top of that. For example, John Smith moves a streetlight (and thus the illumination it provides). Sir William Gull can switch spots with another player (got me several times last game!). Or Sherlock Holmes can eliminate an option by drawing an alibi card. I won’t even get into the manholes, police cordons, or the failing streetlights. You’ve got to experience it for yourself!

Overall, this is one of the best 2-player games out there. It’s quick (20-30 minutes), there’s some luck but mostly strategy, replay value is very high, and it’s a blast! I highly recommend this one and give it a solid 8.5.

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Onivarious {Power Gamer} Oct 29th, 2014
“Oh the pain!!!”

The Lord of the Rings is another deck builder game, with a few fun differences. We at my store have come to the understanding that the only way to play this game is in impossible mode. It has a normal mode and it’s ok to learn with, but the game should be played in impossible mode for the full flavor of the game. We play this when we want to lose so bad it is fun. That’s right we want to be hurt by the game. No other deck builder we have found is so punishing to all players for one person doing well. The pain is so bad we have had tears we have had hysterical laughter, but once it is all said and done no other game has us talking about how bad we lost as this game. Winning is nice but being the guy who had 25 cards destroyed by the game including two boss cards, now that is worth talking about. And if you’re wondering, we have seen a player reduced to just the five cards in hand. We are waiting for that one to be beat. A great game for the casual to avid player. When playing impossible let new players know that they will be hurt and that fun is the goal not just winning.

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Onivarious {Power Gamer} Oct 29th, 2014
“Second in a growing line”

The second part to DC deck builder just continues where the first set leaves off. New heroes new cards same system. What was great about the first game is still great about this game. New combos came to life with the new cards and the power rings are a great addition. Combining the two games makes for some of the greatest games we have ever seen. Where one game was weak for one hero the two come together to balance things out. We have now made some home brewed variations to expand the fun and we are always trying new fun methods not because it is boring but because we just cant get enough of this game.

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