Publisher Notifications

Sending notifications is restricted to Publishers only. If you are a publisher, please log in. If you still don't have access to this page, please contact us.

What are Publisher Notifications?

Publisher notifications allow registered publishers to use gems to send in-site notifications to users who are either "following" games or who have indicated that they "want" a game.

Publisher Notifications will appear in 3 locations:

  1. On a user's Notifications page.
  2. At the top of the page listing that publisher's games. See List of Publishers.
  3. On the specific game page, if the notification is related to a specific game.

Aggregate Data

Registered publishers will have access to aggregated information, such as the # of people following a game and the # of people who "want" a game. Most of this information is already available by viewing a game page.

When a site visitor (logged in or not) clicks on the "View/Hide" button to read a publisher notification, a counter is incremented for that message, and publishers will therefore be able to determine how many times their notification has been viewed.

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