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Posted by Andrew L {Avid Gamer} | 10-Apr-14 | 24 comments

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User Requested Games

Games added that were user requested are marked below with: {G}
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Upcoming Games

AE Games | 2014 Q3

Catacombs (2ed)
Elzra Corp. | 2014 Q4

{G} – Pandánte
Sirlin Games | 2014 Q2 (May)

Heavy Steam
Greenbrier Games | 2015 Q1

Transylvania: Curses and Traitors
WIBAI Games | 2015 Q1

Recently Released

The Doom That Came To Atlantic City
Cryptozoic Entertainment

{G} – Coal Baron
R&R Games

{G} – Quarantine
Mercury Games

{G} – Council of Verona
Crash Games

{G} – Canalis
Alderac Entertainment Group

{G} – Walk the Plank!
Mayday Games

{G} – Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
Stonemaier Games

{G} – Sails of Glory
Ares Games

{G} – Koryŏ

{G} – Triassic Terror
Eagle Games

{G} – Steam Park

Released before 2013

{G} – Among the Stars
Artipia Games, Portal Games | 2012

{G} – Redshirts
WeaselPants Productions | 2012

{G} – Snake Oil
Out of the Box | 2010

{G} – Firenze
Pandasaurus Games | 2010

{G} – Age of Empires III
Eagle Games, Tropical Games | 2007

{G} – The Great Space Race
Kenzer and Company | 2006

{G} – Factory Fun
Cwali, Z-Man Games | 2006

Rio Grande Games | 2003

Rio Grande Games | 1999

{G} – Loopin’ Louie
Hasbro | 1992

{G} – HeroQuest
Milton Bradley | 1989

{G} – Chaos Marauders
Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop | 1987

{G} – Blood Bowl
Games Workshop | 1986

{G} – GIPF
Rio Grande Games | 1997

Air Force
Avalon Hill | 1976

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@Account Deletion LOL You should get your own shelf in the BGdot library – The Account Deletion Collection 🙂

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Euphoria AND Chaos Marauders! Now the only game I own not on this site is Ricochet Robots… I feel so mainstream…

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Which Heroquest? The Boy has like 3 different copies: the original, some weird special edition, and the Games Workshop Advanced Heroquest. They are all kept in his hope chest of ‘sacred, secret games’ and I live in blissful ignorance of how much he spent on them

@Jim An Awesome Library Update List! More clicks for our collection 🙂

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I have very fond memories of HeroQuest from the early 90’s. My best friend and I went through all the campaigns and scenarios.

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