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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Follow the Geisha Settings for Newer Players and First Games”

This game can be nasty. There is a setting suggested in the rulebook called the Geisha setting. This takes some of the sting out of the game. There are Event and Action cards with “Samurai” printed on them that can make the game more cut throat. If a person is new to worker placement and can get through understanding the mission cards consider playing without the watch for the first game, or maybe the first few rounds. After three turns or the first red mission most folks get the mechanics of the game.

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“Early Bonus Cards to Define Your Gameplan”

The Bonus cards that give the largest boosts tend to be very difficult to score after you have already played a few turns. Maximizing potential from these game-changers requires dedication from the early rounds. Focus your attention on bidding for Bonus Cards in the first few turns to guarantee that you can tailor your strategy to mold around what you find. This will give you a direction to follow, similar to a game that starts you with a hidden role/objective. The extra effort invested up front will allow you to ignore these cards later and save you effort in locating a match.

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