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“Raider Trucks + Irradiated Zones”

During the game, when you end your movement on a space with a raider icon you are meant to move the associated truck. The rules are vague, however, on what to do when you end your movement on the large irradiated zones with all of the Raider icons.

We have interpreted this to mean: MOVE EM’ ALL! and that has worked very well for us.

I did track it down in a thread on BGG were Pandasaurus points out that you are only meant to choose one to move. But in another thread Ben Pinchback (one of the designers), after explaining that you are meant to only pick one truck to move he goes on to say: “But if moving them all seems more fun for you… I say go for it. ”

So we have taken that as an official endorsement of the MOVE EM’ ALL house rule.

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