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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Build a long row”

If you keep all of your rows of a relatively equal length throughout the game, you will have only 5 options each turn for where to put a tile, and may often find yourself in a situation where you can only use one or two specific tile types.

On the other hand, if you choose one row and build it out much longer than your others, this will give you the ability to hang tiles above or below it, giving you more options for tile placement and more flexibility to use whatever is available. It doesn’t look at nice, especially when you get little stubs of islands hanging around, but it keeps you from getting in a bind.

Building more evenly at the start does tend to help you place your vikings better at the beginning, but giving up one or two placements to have a long row pays off in the long run; later in the game you will really appreciate the flexibility.

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“Go fishing or go home. ”

In the years of owning this game I’ve noticed that 80% of the victories (OF GAMES THAT DID NOT INCLUDE THE SPECIAL TILES) were won using one key strategy. Collect all, or as many of the Fishermen as possible and gain loads of points for overfeeding. Of course you’ll have to manage to keep your fishermen alive so warriors are needed to repel ships, so don’t only rely on Fishermen. While they may not seem like they help during any of the score rounds they murder at the end game scoring. Try it out next time. Not a guarantee win of course due to the random tile and meeple draw but I feel it’s worth a tinker.

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“Mix of rules”

I tend to play this game with a mix of the rules for beginner and expert. We don`t buy first go on the wheel. However we have the extra tiles in the game. That, of course helps us having more money to work with.

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