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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Thin out the planning deck of the event cards”

This will probably spring to mind to anyone who plays the game 1 time, but it’s advisable to thin out the planning deck of a few of the event cards and set them aside face down. As many as you like really, but start off with pulling out 5-7.
Once the planning deck has been exhausted once, you can shuffle those cards back in. It will make for a faster and more focused development phase of the game, then with all the events and headlines back in, its will feel more like the drama and bureaucracy of managing and living in a well developed small town.

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“Get cheap permits”

Players have no limit of the permit cards they can keep. It is then quite good strategy to collect the permits that are available at low costs (mostly the 1AP ones, but also the 2AP ones) early in the game even when there is no obvious way to use them soon. A versatile collection of permits gets valuable in later phases of the game and the loses in prestige points taken in early game are usually more then compensated later.

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“Track action points”

Sometimes while trying to decide between two great building contracts, you can forget how many action points you’ve spend that turn. Here are two easy ways to track action points:

1) Glass stones. A handful of glass stones (or square glass beads) make for a very tangible and visible marker of how many action points you have available. Put them on your player board when it’s your turn, and slide them off as you spend them.

2) An eight-sided die. Using an eight-sided die (or d8, in gamer terms) is a convenient way to track something. While slightly less tangible than glass stones, it’s still easy to use and doesn’t take up much space in the box. If you can find one, use a “spindown” d8, where each face of the die is bordered by the higher number and lower number, for easy counting.

Note that one player will have 8 action points a turn, so prepare to track 8 actions points, not the standard 6.

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