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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Don't forget those Amulets!”

Try to get a stake in every treasure early in the game when you don’t have to worry about curses. Then once the first few treasures start getting dug up, grab those amulets! If you see a spot that a multiple Tiki heads will be dropping amulets then you want to be in that area. Late in the game being able to pull off a lot of extra actions (getting you extra stakes), give you extra moves (letting you move extra far to grab treasures), and keep you protected from the curses are critical to being a successful treasure hunter.

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“You fetch it, I'll make the money...”

Try to make sure that you have an interest in all of the treasures available, especially when it seems that someone is close to digging one up. It could be that you never dig up any, but you win because you profited from every treasure found! OK, so that is unlikely, but certainly make sure you earn something from every treasure trove unearthed.

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“Last is better....”

Making sure you have an interest in all of the treasures being played is definitely important, but being the last clue card placed or at least one of the last placed on a treasure is vital as well.

The treasure cards passed out when a treasure is discovered are offered in inverse order, so those who placed a clue card at the bottom of the chain of clues get first choice.

Having your compass rose at the beginning of the clues means everyone else gets the option to pass on low level treasure cards and you usually end up with the 2 or 3 value cards while they get the 5 or 6 cards.

Also, when a cursed treasure is turned over, all other treasure cards yet to be passed out for the treasure are discarded. So having your compass rose at the beginning increases the likelihood of you getting zilch while those lucky ones at the bottom have already gotten at least some treasure!

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