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“Prevent others utilising their terrain cards as best you can!”

A strong deck of terrain cards in the hands of an opponent can be a devastating force to deal with in an opponents hands. If you have a sneaky suspicion that they’ll be trying to utilise them in routes that’ll skyrocket their score, you’ll likely need to step in and ensure they don’t have a runaway victory.

Whilst terrain cards allow players to quickly and easily accumulate double points, the semantics in which they have to be used make it simple to prevent them from actually doing so. On your turn, simply feel free to pick up a terrain card they’ll likely need/claim and attempt to get more terrain cards of that type. All you need is one more than the opposition, and it will then render their collection useless for their turn.

Obviously tamper this to your own actions, being sure not to screw up your own long term goals, but it’s usually quite easy to build your strategy around this means of stopping opponents launching themselves into the lead. At best, they’ll simply give up on amassing terrain cards and claim the route. If not, you’ll have a very healthy range of terrain cards yourself to use for your own routes…and you could also add salt to the wound by claiming it for yourself.

…not that I condone that sort of behaviour…not at all.

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