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“Beware the Mandala”

The Mandala can be a great strategy to win the game… if you get the right cards. If you don’t, you will spend all game trying to make something work that may be impossible. I have won handily by getting the right cards and circling the board, but I have also lost many times because I was so focused on the Mandala that my opponent(s) completed ticket after ticket while I struggled to use what I had. Getting a lot of tickets can be a key strategy to help get the right routes to complete the Mandala and get points for completing them. Just don’t get too greedy! It is easy to get blocked out, even in two player in this one.

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“Mandala for the win!”

Take advantage of the new Mandala rules! If you try and make a huge circle around the board, you can not only use the only long routes around the board, but you can rack up lots and lots of points with the new mandala rules. For those not familiar with mandala, basically if you can connect a ticket without doubling up on any routes, you can gain extra bonus points. The more tickets you connect in circles, the more points you get. I’ve tried it several times, and it adds a great new dimension to the game. A good way to get lots of points, and get the longest route to boot! Just be careful you don’t run out of trains to use before the game ends…

Good luck!

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