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Stone of the Sun
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“Know who this is made for.”

If you’re interested in this game, here is the best tip I can think of; Know who it’s made for and think if it’s you.

Ignacy Trzewiczek is an amazing designer with a brilliant mind frame for mechanics and theme. Unfortunately he was under strict demands to make a very, very light mass market game to appeal to fans of the Witcher Video Game Series, specifically not the board game crowd. For lack of a better term, this is not a gamer game, its a mass market game, something better fit on the shelves of Wall-mart or Target or your local equivalent for parents to buy for their children who like the Witcher video game.

If you don’t mind a very light game that boils down to a VP race with no interaction than this might be the game for you. Otherwise if you’re looking for an adventure role playing board game with strategy, consequences, meaningful choices, a gripping narrative, and nuanced and fun quest, than I recommend you look elsewhere.

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“Speed up the early game”

First turns of this game start every time same way. You develop your character. We decided to speed up the beginning by having each player draw two development cards at start. Each player keeps what they have, some get better deal than others, but it’s still even ground.

Of course you can variate this as you want. Have one card or draw three and keep two.

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