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“You are Lost!!! Suck it up - you're Heroes.”

The Long Dark has a new “Locate Test” mechanic that can result in the players being “Lost” and suffering from various Lost Effects.

The way to Pass a Locate Test is for the first player to discard a card from their hand, allowing him or her to discard a card from the Encounter Deck. If that card has “Pass” on it (in the lower right), the party is not lost and doesn’t suffer any Lost Effects. This can be repeated for each card you discard from your hand.

As you can imagine, this can eat up a lot of your cards if you are unlucky. The odds of success is roughly 1 in 4. Because of this, it is generally better to be lost and possibly suffer some negative effects, than it is to use up your limited card supply. I wouldn’t attempt to pass this test more than once or twice a game.

If you have the ability to look at the top card of the Encounter Deck, take advantage of it before attempting the Locate Test and discarding a card from your hand.

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