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“Class-based Seating Accommodations”

To enhance the “privilege of class” effect in this game, arrange the following furniture around the gaming table:

Great Dalmuti – cushy recliner
Lesser Dalmuti – comfy, non-reclining chair
Merchants – standard kitchen table chairs
Lesser Peon – stool or wooden crate
Greater Peon – no chair, must stand

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We liked the game a lot the first time we played it and we still like it many years later, but we always felt that the game lacked incentives for immediate replay. So… I made a victory point system for it.

Its fairly simple, first you set a victory points goal for the game we usually multiply the number of players by 6 so, if 5 players are playing, in order to win the game you should win 30 victory points, 36 for 6 players, 42 for 7… an so on.

The victory points that each player wins on each game, is also determined by the number of players involved in it. So, as an example, in a 5 player game, the first player to discard all of his hand receives 5 points, the next one receives 4, an so on, so that the last one receives 1. In a 6 player games, the first one to discard receives 6 VPs… you get the point.

Victory Points are added from one game to the next one until someone achieves the VP goal set to the game (this goal can be changed if you want a larger or shorter game duration. Under our experience this arrangement would give you a 30-60 min overall game).

We discovered that this simple house rule makes each game much more interesting, since you keep trying to discard as soon as possible, even if you dont get to be the Great Dalmuti, as you are trying to earn the greater amount of victory points possible and not just trying to avoid to finish last.

If you liked the game, i strongly recommend using the VPs, they add a whole new dimension to the game.

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