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“Highform: Stay Focused on the Tasks ”

The nature of this game is disguised behind its title. Considering that you are in an arena, you would assume that you should be rewarded for destroying your enemy. Occasional attacks can be beneficial for disruption, but in Highform mode, tasks are how you win the game.

Make plays to set up accomplishing the available tasks. Use your combat moves for positioning more often, sometimes forgoing the ability to destroy enemy pieces. This will also keep your opponent from activating powerful flares.

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“Focus the piece destruction”

When no task seems immediately reachable, it is usually a good idea to try and destroy some enemy pieces without deviating too much from our plan. But it is important to aim for the important ones considering that 2 well taken pieces will bring our opponents further from their objectives than 3 or 4 at random.

If we don’t really know what shapes the enemy could have it might be wise to go for the most recently placed tokens since they are likely to be part of the card trying to be played.

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