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Tips & Strategies (7)

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“Look to the bonuses - they are game swingers!”

Really try to get as many bonuses as you are able to. Even a person who lags on the population track may still win because of the huge end bonuses. If you miss out on them a whole game of careful planning may place you last still. You will need at least 20 to 40 population more than other players if you skip the bonuses – not an easy task!

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“Watch & Plan”

Suburbia is about maximizing your plays. In the beginning of the game (A stack) that means limiting your reputation, focusing on income and establishing your strategy. In mid game (B stack) it is expanding your strategy and taking a few key tiles from your opponents. Toward the end of the game (C stack) it is finishing any goals and maximizing your population.

This game was one of the five 2013 Mensa Select Mind Game Award winners, so it defiantly makes you think. You just need to keep the big picture in mind as you go through the A, B, and C stacks of the game.

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“Bonus Selection”

If one of your bonuses are the opposite of the communal bonuses, it can be better to take it. Other players are more likely to be going for the communal bonus so you should have more chance of completing the personal bonus.

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“Have You Dined at the New Place in Southside?”

The Fancy Restaurant is a +3 income increase for $9. This boost is offset by the threat that future restaurants opening will eventually hamper your income. There are only 5 restaurants in the game (3 Fancy and 2 Fast Food) and they are all in the A stack. The closer the A stack is to depleted, Fancy Restaurants become more valuable and less of a gamble. So when you are considering this investment, pay attention to what is currently in the line-up and also how many tiles still remain to be revealed from the A stack.

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“Money first, population second”

Make sure that at the start of the game you try to maximise your income, without worrying about your reputation. When your income is large enough that you have several tiles to pick from each turn, then start to build your reputation.

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“Specializations - go for it!”

Every time I have tried to specialize in a color (or 2) it works. Don’t spread your community too thin by trying to diversify.

Also, always pay attention to the missions, both public and secret.

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“No last round token”

Don’t use the last round token in the game, instead play until stack C is empty. Knowing when the game is going to finish can create a very different game with players racing for the finish line!

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