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“Don't Fear Minor Values”

Minor values are an oft-overlooked feature on the attack cards. People are frequently digging for the cards to match the units they’ve built, and with good reason: you need every point you can get in some battles, and it’s usually pretty easy to draw deep into your combat deck.

But don’t dismiss them so quickly: minor values can be useful in the early game when most or all of your units are low-grade ground units. This is especially true with the Zerg, whose low cost is offset by their low attack values. It’s going to be a while before you can afford that Ultralisk or Guardian, but in the meantime, there are some cards in the deck with minor values as high OR HIGHER than some of the major values on Zergling cards. This can provide a good opening to send them on early suicide assaults to decimate a nearby planet (fairly mimicking the infamous ‘Ling Rush strategy in the video game).

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“Learning Starcraft is an Investment”

Starcraft is a deep and satisfying combat strategy game with a lot of elegant, well-executed mechanics (except Cloaking :p ). But a pattern I’ve seen across several teaching games is that this depth comes with a steep learning curve. This is not a game like 7 Wonders where you can get the main idea after the first one or two rounds and start building strategies after your first full game. It takes a bit of patience, especially for those who don’t have the thematic advantage of having played the video game.

What I have done in my recent teaching games, has been to downplay the inclusion of things like the technology deck, upgrade modules, special/assist units, and so on. Explaining how the phases of the turn work, what each of the orders do, how to resolve combat, how to manage workers and resources, those things tend to be an entire teaching game unto themselves. For the most part, that’s enough that the most of the people playing the game enjoyed it and would like to come back for more. In the second game, I can get into more detail about what the different units do and how to tech up a certain strategy.

New Players: if someone is teaching the above game in this fashion, there’s going to be a part of you that says “I kind of get this but I don’t really know what I’m doing”. That’s a normal reaction, and I would argue it’s common for Fantasy Flight games. In War of the Ring, it’s much easier to know what to do when you understand how the characters work and what effects are in the decks, so you have an idea of what to expect. In Arkham Horror, it’s easier to know what items and weapons are useful and what monsters to go after when you are familiar with the cards and monsters and characters. Same goes for Starcraft. Right now, you’re just learning HOW to play, in a mechanical sense. Repeated plays will make you familiar with how the units interact and how the tech deck can help your units and how to counter your opponents moves. Taking care of the “how” today will free up your mind to concentrate more on what works in future games. Embrace the learning curve. It’s a good investment.

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“Brood War”

The expansion adds some things and fixes other things. For one thing, it removes the factions victory-condition. But not entirely. This condition is now placed in to a set of cards of which you may choose this condition, or gain an ability instead. For each of the 3 phases, you may choose more abilities.

It also adds the defense order. This helps you if you are afraid of an attack, and the order is played immediately. But it’s no rescue if you’re deep in it.

And of course what’s an addon without new units and planets? Quite a few cards are replaced with new ones, and you add event cards as well. The new units are of the same quality as the old.

So my tip: get the expansion.

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