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“Use Community Tools”

I attempted my first try at being a Game Master for this Beginner Game. I have never been DM or GM ever before. It has been very fun and easy to accomplish. My group plans to make the jump over to the Core Rulebook after we finish the Beginner Game adventures.

Here are a few tips:

1. After completing the main adventure, go to Fantasy Flight’s Support Page for this game and download the free adventure (PDF) called “The Long Arm of the Hutt” which is a continuation of the adventure in the Beginner Box. My group is currently in the middle of this continuation adventure using the same pre-generated characters from the Beginner Box.

2. I run my game over the web using an awesome and easy to use website called Roll20. It has integration with Google Hangouts so my entire group meets and plays online with video chat. I scan the maps from the adventure book and import them into our virtual tabletop on Roll20. I also create character tokens from image scans (or you can find images from wookiepedia). To make tokens you can download the free TokenTool from RP Tools. It makes it a breeze to create tokens for multiple characters in a matter of minutes. Lastly since there are special dice for this game, there is a free dice roller that is integrated with Google Hangouts: EoTE Dice Roller. It took me some time to get all those tools setup, but after that it’s been very easy to just update new content into Roll20 as our adventure progresses. I would say I spend about 20-30 minutes to prepare for each RPG session, which typically lasts 1-2 hours each.

3. The biggest help I have found is by going to community forums for Game Masters on the Fantasy Flight website here Star Wars Edge of the Empire – Game Masters and reading hints and tips from other GM’s. In addition I have been listening to the Order 66 Podcast. They exclusively cover only Star Wars Edge of the Empire. I listen to that podcast get more insight into being a GM and they have frequent play sessions and interviews with the designers of this game.

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