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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Alternate Randomizers for Four and Five Players”

The Objective targets are secretly determined by the Agent player in games with four or more players. By the written rules, this is done with a d6. Unfortunately, this method can be abused by dishonest players and even honest players could have shadows of doubt cast upon them. Of course, the old adage of “just don’t play with cheaters” works, but I prefer a more concrete method that is just as simple and can be proven after the game. As an honest player myself, this eases my worries on either side of the board.

Take a deck of standard playing cards and pull out the cards marked Ace through Six. Separate by suit. Designate a suit name to each of the four Objective quadrants. Now all the Agent needs to do is pull one card from each suit and he has irrefutable proof that everything was legitimate.

More ambitious gamers could even devise a set of tokens for this purpose. Games Workshop used this method to solve a similar issue for Command Points in Space Hulk.

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“Feint a lot as the Agent in 2-3 Hunter games.”

It’s good to frequently feint as the Agent. Perhaps reveal yourself early, but double back while the Hunters chase the wrong path(s). This works much easier in 3-player (2 Hunter) games. But can still work in 4-player games.

Just be prepared for games to take much longer. But they’ll be much more intense and worth the victory as an Agent.

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“Agent Isolation”

As the agent get away from the regular playing board and play behind a screen. Use small dice or other small objects to track the movements of the other players and the car on your paper map. Have them tell you where they are moving to. As long as you notify them when you use a special card. This way you are not looking at a certain section of the board which can clue the other players on your whereabouts and your movements are more concealed.

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