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“Manage your madness”

If you have taken or been given Madness cards, and you are not running the Madness-sloughing Miskatonic U. faction, you will want to be careful about your use of the VP-negating Action. If you have extra actions, such as via the Wizards or Ghosts factions, consider using them to return Madness cards back to the deck. If your combination of factions requires more of a type of card you can’t get into your hands, such as Minions (via Innsmouth, Robots, etc.) or base actions (Tricksters, Steampunks), consider playing the Madness card for its draw action. Drawing four cards (two for Madness, two for end of turn) will burn through your deck to get at what you need much more quickly, and the cost may end up being worth it.

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“Innsmouth/Plants or Robots Killer Combo”

Combine Innsmouths Locals and either the Plants or Robots for the ultimate swarm army! The plants have cards that allow you to rapidly play minions of the same name that dovetails nicely with the handful of “Locals” you’re likely to have. Just watch out for the Pirates “Broadside” which can cut you to pieces – Innsmouths “Hiding in Plain Sight” works well to give you peace of mind against this.

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