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“Base Thief!”

So I played as the Ninja-Super Spy faction in a 1 v 1 against Dinosaur-TT and my combination was very powerful (and lucky). The spies allowed me to set up my deck to draw my Shinobis, Moles, and other Special Action cards and have them ready in my hand. It also sent very good cards (1.21 Gigawatts, King Rex) to the bottom of the Dino-TT deck, allowing me some time to build up on bases before these cards would come out.

Whenever a base was about to break, I was able to at least play an additional Shinobi, and another Spy action which would then make the base mine. Also, using “disguise” with the mole was another way to get a few additional points.

It was REALLY frustrating for the other player who would be about to score on a base, but would then be thwarted at the last moment. The end score was 15-9, with the opponent never winning a base.

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