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“Beautiful Combo”

With the introduction of the plants, a faction concerned with pulling minions out of their deck and extra minion plays, the zombie/plant combination becomes a powerhouse. The most common plant minion is one that destroys itself in order to pull slightly more powerful minions into play, and zombies are all about pulling minions out of the discards. This two factions work wonderfully by self-destruction and resurrection, especially when played on a base that gives VP when minions are destroyed.

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“Steampunk Junk Diving”

Steampunks can be a great power faction if you are able to reuse “Rotary Slug Thrower” (+2 for each minion on base) and “Aggromotive” (+5 power). The additional power that they add can quickly swing a base into your favor. In order to maximize the use of these cards, I try to hang onto Mechanics, and other salvaging cards, until after I have used one of those actions so that I can keep replaying those cards from the discard pile.

A good faction to partner with are the wizards, super spies, time travelers, or plants who can go through their decks pretty quickly and hopefully get these actions into your hand.

When I am able to replay either “Aggromotive” or “Rotary Slug Thrower” it makes it MUCH more likely the steampunks will win a few extra bases.

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