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“Develop a Shorthand Style for Notes”

Processing the logic puzzle that this game provides is the secret to winning. But before that can be done, you will need a system for keeping track of all the information that you learn.

As soon as you know who your opponents are, assign each of them a symbol or letter. First or last initials are the obvious answer, but if something is easier for you do that instead.

When you know for sure that someone has a card (including yourself!), write their symbol in the top box. When you know that they cannot have a specific card, write their symbol in a corner of the bottom box. If a bottom box ever has all players listed, you have your answer!

On the outside of your paper, you can make notations such as “B=3” near the diamond column. This would signify that Bob has three diamonds.

Come up with your own system for more obscure clues so that they make sense to you. Use the sidebar to record anything that doesn’t have it’s own method.

Everything you hear is important. Write it down and save it for access later when it may help. Having a consistent system will keep it efficient and recognizable when your deductive mind takes over.

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