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“"Captured!" Recapture the fun that is stolen.”

My gaming groups range from avid gamers to casual gaming with family/friends. It has been our experience, especially with the more casual gamers, that the “Captured!” travel card is just not fun for the one captured, and fun/enjoyment is one of the main goals of gaming. And to that end, Shadows over Camelot has supplied a lot of fun for us.

As a result of this we have since always excluded this card from play. I understand that thematic reasons and strategic decisions that this card presents when used but have not found it worth the negative experience that player has in an already difficult game.

My suggestion is that this expansion is used without that card, but another option is to make it simply a ‘lose your turn’ card, and require the knight to use a move action to go a location of his or her choosing next turn (without drawing another travel card).

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