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“Basic Strategy #1 - How to Sacrifice Effectively ”

The best use of the Sacrifice is when an empty Serpent Stone on the Yaotitlan separates your serpent chain from your opponent’s. Prepare a sacrifice by playing a Sacrifice Card (and invoking it by saying its name, Huitzilopochtli, as best as you can.) Continue your turn by taking a second card from your hand, a Warrior Card, and placing face down on the first Sacrifice Stone. This completes your turn.

After your opponent takes his/her turn, on your next turn after drawing a card, complete the sacrifice by taking the sacrificed Warrior Card on the first Sacrifice Stone and playing it on the empty Serpent Stone. It is still your turn so complete it by playing a Nahualli Card from your hand and launching it from the warrior card you just played onto an opposing warrior card.

While Sacrifice Cards are an effective way to gain ground against your opponent on the Yaotitlan, they do reduce your hand count by one card every time they are used.

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“Basic Tip #1- Hand Management”

Hand management can be even more important than positioning on the
Yaotitlan. Manage your Sacrifices wisely and be careful of your opponent playing multiple Tezcatlipoca Cards. You do not want to suffer the dreaded Wrath of Tezcatlipoca! Use Quetzalcoatl Cards as often as possible.

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