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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Steady as a surgeon”

The rules state you cant “test fit” a bridge before playing it. If it is not long enough you lose it for the game. We have added a little variant to that rule that if you knock it in the water you lose it as well. It only counts when placing them not removing pieces. Also, if you place your meeple and it falls in the water, you must return to the starting point. Makes people play much more catiously while placing things.

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“First round”

First round is fairly obvious, you must place a stone, then a bridge and after that you can start your journey. It’s not rocketscience, 95% of all players will use those as their three first cards.

So… it’s quite amusing to start the first round by playing a dragon, and by doing so you’re also protected if someone tries the same trick on you. With some luck you will botch the first round for one of your fellow competitors. Just remember that you can only play ONE dragon in your program.

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