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“Feeling like the rule book is missing answers?”

Be sure to check out the online FAQ the company put out here. We found lots of questions unanswered by the main rule book in our first play.

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“specific symbols and colors”

Try to make a good combination. For example if you have a card that gives you points for a specific symbol try to have that symbol as many as possible.

You have to try to have 3 of the same color as fast as possible,, because it gives you bonus points

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“Gold & Wheat”

Remember that another Player can steal the Gold or Wheat bonus point card from you merely by equaling the total number of Gold or Wheat objective cards that you hold.

This is one of those times where being the first to acquire the bonus points is not always the best strategy. 1 objective is seldom enough to keep an opponent from stealing the card later, even by “accident”.

If your strategy involves scoring the Gold and/or Wheat points, focus on completing at least 2 contributing objectives.

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