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“Xxcha guessing Hacan Special Victory Condition”

The Xxcha race (green – turtles) are able, at the beginning of the game, to select one race, and a round that they will win. If this happens (whether solo, in an alliance, or by special victory condition) the Xxcha win (solely) instead.

The Hacan (yellow – lion) race has a special victory condition, if the game goes a full 8 rounds and no one else has won, the Hacan win.

If the Xxcha select Hacan to win in Round 8, they can effectively steal Hacan’s special power (by using their own special power). This bothers some players. More problematic, Xxcha selecting the Hacan Round 8 victory can lead to two players actively seeking to extend the game, which can decrease the enjoyment of other players.

Before playing Rex, you should decide as a group whether the Xxcha will win when selecting Hacan (or Sol) to win in Round 8, and be able to steal win if they would have been victorious via the special end game condition. Especially for groups that find the Xxcha always select Round 8 and either Hacan or Sol, and thus extend the game, instituting a House Rule that the Round 8 selection does not include winning by special condition will likely lead to more contested and interesting games.

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“Know and Remember the Betrayal Cards”

When you win as an alliance, you can still lose the game if your ally has satisfied and chooses to reveal his betrayal card. If your ally(ies) have any interest in winning solo, you can count on them revealing their card if they’ve managed to satisfy the betrayal criteria, so if you’re in an alliance going for the win, know what the betrayal cards are and figure out which one you’re opponent might have. The higher rated card wins over a lower rated card if more than one betrayal card is revealed by a winning alliance. The cards are as follows:

1: Path of Peace: most units in Galactic Council
2: Cautious Command: least unit casualties
3: Ready for the Aftermath: most influence in reserve
4: Control Mecatol City: most units on board
5: Control the Populous: control most spaces
6: Lead the Assault: control most strongholds
7: Rule the skies: control Civilian Spaceport and Imperial Navy Base
8: Master of Deceit: control no strongholds

Either through diplomacy or your actions, don’t allow your alliance to win unless either you guarantee your ally doesn’t satisfy their card and/or you have satisfied the requirements of your betrayal card of a higher value.

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“Power overwhelming.”

Make absolutley sure that you are 100% certain that you fully understand your chosen races special ability/-ies. They are vital in securing your place on the throne.

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“Speedy setup help”

I know a lot of ya’ll have most likely already done this, but just in case:
You can get a huge bag of ziploc style bags at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the jewelry section that fit the cards and compnents in Rex perfectly. I have all of the cards and tokens for each race in their own bag, as well as all of the other game components seperated as well. When we sit down to play, I hand everyone their bag, and while they unpack it, I setup the board and we are good to go. Saves a ton of time!

Have fun gaming!

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“Allow Secret Discussion”

This game is a re-implementation of Dune, and one of the greatest aspects of the original game, allowed by the rules, was the ability to have secret discussions. Rex does not allow that. This makes it very difficult to impossible to tell allies or other players information or strategies without letting everybody know and act on that information themselves.

Be aware that allowing secret discussion can extend game length some, but not significantly. Groups can always set a time limit on turns should secret discussions go on too long.

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“Allow the Jol-Nar to keep notes”

The Jol-Nar have an amazing ability to see most of the strategy cards that come up in the game before players bid on them to put the cards into their hand. This is a great power that can be used very strategically in knowing which cards to bid on or pass on. But more than that, is knowing most of what other players are holding in their hands at any given time. Unfortunately, the rules don’t allow for note-taking during the game, so this becomes a very difficult memory game for the Jol-Nar player. Since this game is not a memory game, and human memory is not that sound, this rule negates a big piece of the Jol-Nar’s power. By allowing the Jol-Nar player to keep notes on these cards, this power and house ability advantage can be retained, and this house rule barely effects the length of the game.

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