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“Voodoo Doll Scores Only One Glory”

The Voodoo Doll has a greater impact on the way a game of Quarriors is played than any other creature (at least through the first 4 expansions). Because the Voodoo Doll can kill any creature it does even 1 point of damage to, it can be used to knock out your opponents’ strongest summons consistently throughout the game. It makes games longer than any other individual creature does.

And I love it. It’s a breath of fresh air for the game, and changes how you approach constructing your bag of dice. But considering its relatively cheap cost (~5 Quiddity) and its ability to consistently knock out 7-to-9 Quiddity cost/3-to-4 Glory scoring creatures, it is horribly overpowered.

To mitigate this (and to give a player pause before purchasing a bunch of them), we’ve made a house rule that the Voodoo Doll only gives 1 glory when it scores (rather than 2). This makes it as poor as an Assistant for scoring you points… but its a sacrifice you may want to make to keep your opponent’s Quake Dragon from running roughshod over your helpless minions.

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