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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Use Your Destroyer to Whip Your Battlestation into Attack Position”

The polar ships in Quantum are a little more complicated to use than the moderate-valued ships. The Scout (6-value ship) is the easier of the two to get the hang of (use your 6 movement points, and once you hit your destination use the Scout‘s free ability to roll it and hopefully transform it into a more defensible ship). But using the Battlestation (1-value ship) takes a little practice.

While the Battleship exists only to destroy your opponent’s ships, it’s nearly impossible to use it for this purpose on its own because the 1 movement point it gets each turn makes it incredibly easy for an opponent to avoid. If you’re planning an attack strategy and can field a Battlestation with a 3-value Destroyer you can make yourself mobile and deadly.

By moving the 3-value Destroyer toward your intended target then using its Warp special ability to switch places with your Battlestation, you will still have 2 actions remaining and still have access to your Battlestation‘s Strike special ability. This can allow you to cover 2 more spaces (1 for movement of the Battlestation (which hasn’t used its own move action yet) and 1 for the free special ability) to reach your opponent and engage them in combat. All-told, you will be using 2 of your 3 actions and the special abilities of 2 different ships to give yourself the closest thing to a likely win dice-based combat allows. All by managing to move your incredibly slow Battleship a whopping 5 spaces with an action to spare.

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“Expand early”

Once you drop your first cube you get the opportunity to choose either a black (immediate effect) card or a white (permanent effect) card. Go for the immediate expansion card early. It is tempting to go for the permanent effect cards first, but it will help in the long run to have an extra ship in the mix for fighting or for making your desired conquering fleet.

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“Be Agressive. Be, Be Agressive.”

There is no downside of attacking – if you lose, you just go back to where you were. If you win, you get a +1 increase in Dominance, and the defender goes down 1 in dominance – 6 of these get you the ability to place 1 cube for free, anywhere you want. Totally awesome.

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“Ties when attacking...”

When you attack and tie, you win. The aggressor wins all ties. That is a 16% advantage assuming all things are otherwise equal.

Also remember that moving into the space you just won is optional. You may elect not to move, which is often times more advantageous.

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