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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Make the game cut throat... with optional rules”

Pirate King is a decent game and what I would call a true variant of Monopoly (changing the game up, not just pasting a gazillionth theme on it). However, the added options under the Cutthroat Rules cleans up the remaining things that make this game a bit lackluster.

1) You can start on your trade routes earlier by needed less ports in an area. This helps shorten the game as you can convert cash into points more quickly.

2) You start with more crew and have the ability to save them after a combat. This helps you stay competitive and not lose out each time to someone who has built a larger crew quickly.

3) Double Cargo Hold. This was much needed as a single cargo may be on the other side of the board and clog up your ship for quite sometime. A 2nd one increases your chances at least one can be cycled out on a regular basis.

4) When you don’t move, you can now change facing. I understand the uncertainty the wind has on your move, but experienced pirates hould have more control over their vessels and this helps a lot.

There are also other optional rules that can come into play but this set is needed to more fully enjoy the basic game.

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“All Hands on Deck”

In addition to the Cutthroat rules there are also the “All Hands on Deck” expansion which include the “Cutthroat Rules”, Crewmen Expansion & Hand Management. Does not require any new parts or cards. It is already built into the orginal game. You can download the rules for free here:

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