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“Focus on the story and play the pregen characters!”

Building a character is one of the major components to playing any sort of RPG. Some campaigns even fall apart even before you get to bring your character to the table! However, there are games like Hero Quest or Final Fantasy where you play some already created characters. And really, what’s wrong with that?

If you’re trying to get someone into role-playing, you should care more about teaching them what a game is like, not just the arduous process of building a character. Play the pre-generated characters that come with the set! They’re pretty well crafted, and fit most gaming tropes. Focus on having a fun session. Let people decide how to change a character to their liking, rather than build one on their own before ever touching the game itself.

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“Rules ready from a solo play”

A gaming buddy of mine has a house rule that I have began to adopt, “If you bring a game to play, always be rules ready.” This means that you should be ready to teach any game you want others to play mainly from memory. Sounds simple enough, but just last week I was asked to play a game by someone who then proceeded to read the rule book aloud for everyone’s benefit, including their’s.

For an RPG like Pathfinder, I would not expect the person trying to get me to play it to have memorized the entire rule book but to know it well enough to get through a play of the game without heavily referring to it.

The best way to be rules ready is to do a test or solo play of the game before trying to teach others. Pathfinder:Beginner Box has an excellent solo game that will have you rules ready very quickly. Use it.

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