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Old Bones
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“Manager selection in set up”

Rather than randomly dealing starting companies to managers, allow the managers to choose their three starting companies. Managers still can’t choose 2X tiles and must choose 3 different colors of companies (otherwise you can get far too many red in the first round).

This house rule adds an additional layer of strategy for the managers, who otherwise might claim that they were handicapped by a bad deal at the start of the game.

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I play black
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“4 Player Variant”

Playing with the 3 or 4 player variant makes each player play as both a manager and an investor. This often times makes the game less fun, because there is more to keep track of, and the game is quite frankly less social. Because of this my group of friends has started playing with 4 players (2 managers and 2 investors). We have found that this keeps the same feel for the game, and does not have any major effects to the game play.

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