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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Hide cards”

Actually I discussed this with my friends, someones don’t like it, I think is better hide the cards to hide you score and no one spoiled it.
After many discussion we decide to hide cards but not the last one.

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“Keeping Score for a Longer Game”

To add a bit more strategy to the game we thought it would be fun to keep score over a series of plays (5 or 6 rounds) to see who the overall player was. Another step to add would be to play until someone reached 500 points (or some other end point) and then see who wins. This gives a bit more decision making when you say No Thanks to the 30!

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“Make it a bit more cut throat if you dare”

We played a slight variation to the rules by not allowing chips to be taken back with a card. So while chips are still played to avoid taking a card, you are depleting your stack of chips without any chance of regaining any back. So you really need to pace yourself on using your chips, if you run out from avoiding too many cards early on then you will have to accept whatever card is flipped on your turn and whatever cards are passed on by others. There is also then not as much incentive to take a card that has been passed on repeatedly since you don’t collect the chips.

It was a fun variation and definitely changes up the game a bit. Worth trying out to see which way you like best. 🙂

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