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“Make a printout of frequently-referenced rules”

The wide range of source books makes the New World of Darkness hugely expandable and replayable. However, every source book added to a game is one more book that likely needs to be kept at the table and referenced due to some odd thing that a player has decided to incorporate into their character.

This can be remedied by keeping a printout of incorporated rules on hand. Usually, a quick reminder of how the rule works will do. However, include a book and page reference as well. The indexes in the World of Darkness books are next to useless.

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“Using Sound to Set Tone”

WoD is one of those unique but tricky horror/suspense roleplaying games. Being a GM for that was one of the most challenging things I’ve done since I started RPGs. How do you make a convincing creepy atmosphere in a darn tabletop game?

With the right thematic music, that’s how. You can get it from many places, like royalty free music sites or maybe for free somewhere. But play the tune at the right time, and it adds an edge to a mysterious setting, a haunting figure or a alien location. Try doing that with normal room tone. Not too scary, is it?

If you have access to a MIDI or a computer based soundboard with the proper effects, no one will ever grow bored with your game. I once even had an idea for having a scenario involving a creature trying to get through a door at the player characters, and convincing like a roommate or something to hide outside the room and then bang on the door to scare the players. I never got the chance to do it, but I bet it would be awesome!

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