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“No Corp Left Behind”

The win condition for this game is one of its most fascinating features. A Federalist player just wants to watch the city collapse and as long as they meet a certain economic level when this happens they win. All non-Federalist players must survive to the end of the game and then have more capital than a randomly determined hidden rival. This forces players to cooperate while maintaining financial dominance of one particular player. This is by no means a cooperative game, though. Multiple players could win, but at least one player will lose.

This victory condition can create an interesting dynamic. Players should take care to not let any player fall so far behind in capital that they are assured a loss. This could cause them to stop trying altogether and effectively create an assistant for the Federalist. Any non-Federalist player who feels they can still overcome their rival will continue to benefit the success of the city. So try to stay ahead, but make sure you don’t leave someone too far behind.

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